The Best PDF-XChange Alternative for Mac


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"PDF-XChange Viewer does not work for Mac. What should I do?"
"How can I edit PDF in PDF-Xchange Viewer?"

PDF-XChange Viewer is a useful PDF reader for viewing PDF documents. It offers add-on capabilities for adding elements to your PDF documents, which is convenient for users. With the drawing tools, users can now enhance their documents as per their requirements. You can add arrows, squares, lines, rectangles, and various other shapes. However, PDF-XChange Viewer runs on the Windows platform only. For Mac users, a PDF-XChange for Mac alternative is necessary, which we'll discuss in the article below.

Simple Guide to Use PDF-XChange Alternative for Mac

Step 1. Edit PDF with PDF-XChange for Mac Alternative

For those who pay utmost attention to the quality of OCR, you can now edit PDF with PDF-Xchange alternative software. This version is the best for Mac Alternative. You need to open the PDF document on the PDF-Xchange alternative tool, PDFelement Pro. It has a simple user interface and robust self-explanatory features. Click on the 'Text' button to access editing tools. You can add text, change font size, change font style with just a few clicks.

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Step 2. Convert PDF with PDF-XChange Alternative for Mac

Additionally, you can convert PDF to Microsoft Office document formats with the original format and layout retained. Simply click on the 'Tool' button on the left toolbar. Then go to 'Batch Process' > 'PDF Converter', click 'Add' to open the files you want to convert. After all the settings are complete, click 'Apply' to choose an output folder and save your file.

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Step 3. Create PDF with PDF-XChange Alternative for Mac

With this program, you can easily create PDFs from images, HTML, Web pages, and other text file formats. Just go to 'File' > 'New' > 'PDF from File' and choose the file you want to convert. Then go to 'File' > 'Save'. You will get the output file in PDF format.

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