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The need to redact text in PDF may come up if you use PDF documents most of the time. If there is any sensitive information in the documents that you would like to keep private from the general public, redacting will be the sure way to make sure that it is completely not visible. When you publish or distribute your document, you will do it with peace of mind knowing that the text that you redacted will not be seen by anyone because it is deleted permanently. In the past, people used markers to conceal sensitive information in the PDF documents. This is very hectic because you will have to print your PDF documents first to be able to redact them. With the redaction feature, you will hide the sensitive text without through the hassle of printing the documents first. It is a very fast and efficient method of covering texts and images in PDFs with PDFelement.

The Best PDF Redactor to Redact Text in PDF

1. PDFelement - The Best Way to Redact A PDF File

The easiest way to redact text in your PDF documents is using PDFelement (or PDFelement for Mac). This application has a powerful redaction feature that you can rely on to permanently and safely hide sensitive content in your PDF files without worrying that someone may recover it when you share the files on a local area network or email. PDFelement is not only a great redaction tool, but also a great conversion tool. If you have PDF documents that you would like to covert to other formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Rich Text and Plain Text, it will allow you to do it with ease. It is also packed with multiple ways for increasing the security of your PDF files and comes with accurate OCR technology that allows you to edit and search scanned PDFs. It also makes sharing of the PDF files very easy. (PDFelement for Windows is also available.)

More features:

  • It comes with vast editing tools that you can use to align texts, distribute text fields, and add, delete and crop images within a few click on PDF files.
  • It supports immediate redaction for selected items in PDF - faster and more efficient than any other redaction tool in the market.
  • It features a user friendly interface that will give you a hard time to use.
  • It has powerful security features that you can use to protect your PDF files.

2. Steps to Redact Text in PDF on Windows / Mac

Step 1. Launch the PDF Redaction Tool

Download the PDFelement and install it on your computer to be able to use it. The installation process is very simple. Launch the program after you have finished installing it.

Step 2. Open the PDF File with the Program

You can open the PDF file in two ways. The first way is using the Open Files button in the program window and second way is dragging and dropping the PDF file to the program window.

open the pdf file with pdf redactor

Step 3. Select Text to Redact

To be able to redact the PDF, you will need to use the "Mark for Redaction" button under the "Protect" tab. Select the text as you need to redact in PDF or redact information in PDF.

redact pdf text

Step 4. Start Redacting Text

After doing that, click on "Apply Redaction" for the changes that you have made to take effect.

apply redaction

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