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Unauthorised access to sensitive information is a huge threat to organisations and individuals. It is therefore advisable to always redact your PDF files using effective PDF redaction software, such as PDFelement Pro. The term redaction means concealing text or graphics for security purposes. PDF redaction software allows you to either remove or hide sensitive data. This preserves private and confidential information before sharing. It further boosts organisation integrity and credibility in handling sensitive information. Beware of applications classified as PDF redaction software which can only create simple PDF document. PDF redaction software for windows should create, convert, combine, edit and redact PDF on top of other functions. This guarantees you 100 percent confidence in information security. An effective PDF redaction software can stand alone, integrate with others or use simultaneously with functioning workflow.

Top 5 Best PDF Redactor to Redact PDF on Windows

#1 PDFelement Pro for Windows

If you are looking for a software that lets you redact, create, edit, and sign PDF files quickly and easily, then PDFelement Pro is the best choice for you. PDFelement is a powerful redacting tool comprising of streamlined features for redacting PDF documents. It not only helps you black out text and images in a PDF to hide sensitive information, but also coms with powerful features like create, convert, combine and edit PDF.

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#2 Nitro Pro 10

Next in the list is a complex Windows PDF redaction software best described as 'all-in-one' collection. Nitro Pro 10 is widely known for delivering quality work. The protect tab comprises of a series of redaction features. To conceal sensitive text, the software substitute text and graphics with coloured triangles. This allows you to remove sensitive information from paragraphs, table, and images of PDF files. The application sets the redaction code. Powered by redaction mark properties, customising redaction code is an easy task. Just like the name suggest, the search for redaction feature searches keywords and text. In addition to that the remove metadata data tool removes metadata from the PDF document. Nitro cloud is able to send secure eSignatures within the shortest time possible. It also share document through the email in a secure manner.

Nitro Pro 10

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#3 Foxit Phantom PDF

Foxit Phantom PDF only compatible with windows. It offers all types of business advanced security and editing capabilities. Foxit Phantom PDF comprises of two major features. The mark for redaction element is powered by rectangle that highlights sensitive information. The apply redaction feature on the other hand redacts the highlighted text or graphics. Foxit Phantom PDF also supports connected PDF. This enables you to add unique identifiers in PDF files stored in cloud. In return, the application facilitates document sharing in a secure manner. With OCR system, you can convert and edit scanned document. This PDF redaction software for Windows is also easy to merge multiple PDF files into a single document. In other words, PhantomPDF is helpful in editing, organising, and sharing of PDF documents.

Foxit Phantom PDF

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#4 Adobe Acrobat Redaction

Adobe Acrobat Redaction is a well known company that enjoys the bragging rights for creating PDF application. The company went ahead to create Adobe Acrobat Redaction for redacting PDF files. Remove Hidden Information feature is useful in finding and removing hidden information from your PDF. For instance, you may wish to get rid of content that change the appearance of a document. Mark for Redaction element helps you to specify the text and graphics you want to remove. Note that the redaction mark adds some coloured box on the document. Search for redaction on the other hand allows you to search for single or multiple words or phrases as well as patterns. Remove hidden content gets rid of metadata, hidden text, and attachments. In addition to that properties feature allows you to modify the redaction code, custom area and font colour as well as size.

adobe acrobat xi pro

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#5 Expert PDF Editor

Expert PDF Editor is open source PDF redaction software. The application has a graphical user interface making it user friendly. Powered by edit feature, you can add watermarks, images, forms, and sign. It is also possible for you to crop, re-size and rotate pages of document. To enhance security, you can easily add password on a file. Expert PDF editor is integrated with OCR system for redacting scanned document.

Expert PDF Editor

Note: Although the list of PDF redaction software is endless, the above applications explain the possibility to securing sensitive information. You got nothing to worry about with Nitro Pro 10, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Expert PDF editor, Foxit Phantom PDF and PDFelement Pro for Windows because your data is safe. Feel free to visit the nearest vendor or download your preferred PDF editor application for windows.

Choose the Best PDF Redaction Tool

PDFelement Pro
Nitro Pro 10
Foxit Phantom PDF
Adobe Acrobat Redaction
Expert PDF Editor
Price USD 79 / 159 perpetual USD 159 perpetual USD 129 / 159 perpetual USD 156 / 180 per year USD 129 / 159
Supported Versions Mac, Windows, Android and iOS Windows Mac and Windows Mac and Windows Mac
Annotation Feature Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
User Interface Simple and intuitive which is easy for users to familiarize Easy to use Sleek and interactive Complicated User-friendly
Advantages 1.Reliable and cost effective.
2.Easy to navigate through the application.
3.Excellent OCR feature.
1.OCS system facilitates easy images editing.
2.User friendly interface.
3.ANitro cloud.
1.Wide range of editing.
2.Operate on password protected documents.
3.Ample trial period.
1.Simple to uses.
2.Powerful PDF editing and conversion tools.
1.Easy to use.
2.Basic editing options.
Disadvantages Free trial will add watermark to PDF Short trial period, 14 days only. It's relatively heavy, 438 MB. Limited features but expensive. Can't redact locked text.

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