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How to convert HTML to PDF?

Do you have some HTML documents that you would like to convert to PDF? Being able to convert HTML to PDF is one of the ideal skills for anyone handling a large number of documents. PDF makes it easy for you to manage, store ad save documents. So, if you have content that is in HTML format, you may want to convert it to HTML to preserve the content. Converting HTML documents to PDF also serves one very important function; it makes it easy to print. If you have tried to print an HTML document or a webpage as is, you will have noticed that the print-out is not always correctly formatted and not very presentable; PDF eliminates this problem.
But for most people, the problem can be how to do that. How do you convert HTML documents to PDFs? More importantly, how do you convert HTML pages to PDF without losing the quality of the content you are working with. There are a lot of ways you can do that, and this article will share with you 4 of the easiest and quickest ways to accomplish this. We cho0se the following four solutions since they are both easy to use and very effective; in other words, they help you convert any HTML document or webpage to PDF without altering the content.

Part 1. The Best Way to Convert HTML to PDF (Editor Pick!)

When looking for ways to convert HTML files to PDF files, you need a solution that will make the process easy regardless of the number of articles you have while at the same time doing the best job possible. The best convert HTML to PDF tool is PDFelement Pro, for the simple reason that it meets the two criteria we have outlined above and also because it is one of the most comprehensive PDF management programs there is. But it is not prudent to simply take out word for it, so we will share with you a simple step-by-step guide to demonstrate its effectiveness and ease of use.

1. Why Choose PDFelement

Like we mentioned before, you want a tool that seamlessly combines ease-of-use and effectiveness. PDFelement does that very well, as we can see from the simple tutorial above. Yet it is also valuable in so many ways since it is not just an HTML to PDF converter, but a complete PDF management tool that is invaluable to businesses and individuals handling a lot of documents in their day-to-day lives. Some of the features that make it the ideal solution for PDF management include the following:

Key features:

  • It makes the creation of PDF files very easy. You simply need to open a document in any format using this program and a PDF file is instantly created.
  • Editing the newly created PDF document is just as easy. This program gives you easy access to one of the best PDF editing tools in the business.
  • You can edit both text and images in a few simple steps.
  • You can also make use of its conversion properties that allow you to convert a PDF document to other formats including Word, HTML, TXT, Excel and so many more.
  • It has document protection features like password protection, text redaction and more to help you protect sensitive information.
  • It is also a prime annotation tool, giving you the ability to easily add comments, stamps or even highlight and underline text on the document.
  • It also makes it very easy for you to share, print or send the completed PDF document to others by incorporating numerous ways to do that including cloud storage options like Google Chrome and Dropbox.
start up to convert html document to pdf

2. How to Convert HTML to PDF using PDFelement

To use this program, install it on your computer (you can try the free trial version) and follow these simple steps.

Step 1. Start the Program

Begin by opening the program on your computer. You can do that by double-clicking on the program's icon.

Step 2. Convert HTML File to PDF

After you opened the program, click on the "Convert PDF" button on the tab. Then double-click on the HTML file to open it. Now you can find the file opened in PDFelement.

combine pdf

Step 3. Save HTML as PDF

Now all you have to do to have your PDF file handy is to save it. To do that, click on "File > Save As" and then name the file and select a file path.

save pdf to turn html into pdf

Part 2. Convert HTML to PDF using Adobe

This tutorial would be incomplete if we did not include Adobe Acrobat as one of the four ways you can convert HTML to PDF. This premier PDF tool has been around for quite a while and it provides a simple, yet effective way to convert HTML documents and other formats to PDF. It also doesn't hurt that it comes with quite a few great PDF editing tools. But since this article is about showing you how to convert HTML documents to PDF, that's what we'll share with you in this simple tutorial.

Step 1. If you don't already have the program, install the latest version of Acrobat on your computer and then open it to begin.

Step 2. Click on the "Create Menu" at the top bar and then select "Create PDF from Webpage."

adobe html to pdf

Step 3. In the dialogue box that appears, you can enter the URL of the webpage you want to convert to PDF ad choose other parameters like how many pages you want to capture. Click "Create" when you're ready.

convert html to pdf in adobe

Acrobat will capture the web page and the range of pages you have specified in a few minutes, converting them to PDF. Please note that you can also use the Chrome Acrobat plug-in to easily convert Chrome HTML to PDF.

Part 3. How to convert HTML to PDF using Win2PDF

Win2PDF is another tool that also allows you to easily convert HTML to PDF. It is a downloadable program and you may have to install it on your computer before you can use it. But it works very easily, allowing you to use a simple plug-in to convert any webpage from HTML to PDF.
It is compatible with all browsers and will capture most of the web pages you select. But we are not certain of how effective the program is at converting the entire webpage, including the images. The following is a step-by-step tutorial to help you use Win2PDF to convert any webpage to PDF.

Step 1. Begin by installing the program on your computer. You can do that by going to the program's website and choosing the most suitable download option for you.

Step 2. The program works by allowing you to print HTML files or webpages directly from the browser and then choosing Win2PDF as the printer to use. So, open the webpage you want to convert on any browser and from the main menu in the browser, click "File > Print." Select "Win2PDF" as your printer of choice, and the webpage will be automatically converted to PDF. You can then either choose to save the PDF or print the webpage as a PDF.

convert emails to pdf using win2pdf

Part 4. Convert HTML to PDF with Google Chrome

If your primary browser is Google Chrome, the fact is you don't need an extension, online tool, or even software to convert HTML to PDF. Chrome extends its usefulness to help you easily convert any HTML document to PDF. The process is easy and can be completed in a few simple steps.

Step 1. Begin by opening the webpage you would like to convert to PDF in your Chrome browser. With the webpage open, hit Ctrl+P on PC or Cmd+P on Mac.

Step 2. This will open the print dialogue box in Chrome. Here, you will see a variety of options to help you customize the document before you can convert it. For example, you can select the range of pages you want to save as PDF. Once happy with your selection, click on "Save as PDF."

html into pdf in google chrome

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