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Sonic PDF Creator allows you create secure and professional looking PDF documents directly from various windows application. It helps convert documents of various formats into PDF format and also provides an easy-to-use interface. It also has features expected in a shareware program including the ability to compress PDFs, encrypt PDFs, watermark PDFs etc. With Sonic PDF Creator, users can crop pages, rotate pages, extract pages, resize pages, add files to PDFs, add/remove passwords, etc. You can also try to use alternative of Sonic PDF Creator - PDFelement Pro .

Troubleshooting on Using Sonic PDF Creator

Despite the fact that Sonic PDF Creator is compatible with any Windows application, improper installation of the program can cause it to malfunction. Troubleshooting the program when issues arise is the most effective method to finding a solution. These might include one or several of the issues listed below:

Problem 1: Create unsecured PDF files.

Solution 1: With Sonic PDF Creator, you are able to create normal PDF files that everyone can easily access. In the “File” menu just select “Create PDF From File”, and then select the file you want and create it to PD F format.

Problem 2: Issues on creating secured PDF documents.

Solution 2: To create secures PDF with Sonic PDF Creator, Go to “File” > “Create Secure PDF From File”, and then import the document. Then confirm the document properties and choose the encryption level you need to create a secured PDF.

Problem 3: Sonic PDF Creator is not working properly or is corrupt.

Solution 3: For this case, you can uninstall the program and then reinstall it on your computer to solve it.

Problem 4: Errors occurred when creating PDF from Excel sheet.

Solution 4: When you create PDF from Excel sheet using the trail version of Sonic PDF Creator, you will find that it cannot do the job properly. So you have to upgrade to the paid version or get help from Sonic PDF Creator alternative program.

PDFelement Pro - The Best Alternative to Sonic PDF Creator

To perfectly edit and convert PDF files, the best alternative to Sonic PDF Creator is PDFelement Pro. PDFelement Pro provides users with a modern and easy to understand interface.

This alternative to Sonic PDF Creator for Mac (Yosemite) and Windows offers you fullly control of PDF by making it possible to carry out several operations including creating, converting, editing, annotating PDF. Batch PDF creation is also supported. See more features of Sonic PDF Creator alternative for Mac and Windows.

  • Make use of PDF smoothly by converting PDF to Excel, Powerpoint or Word, HTML format.
  • Graphics, images, links, watermark and texts within PDF can be edited.
  • Encrypt documents and also make it impossible to print or extract contents from the PDF.
  • Fill out PDF form and export PDF data for other usages.
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