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Part 1. What Is Nitro Pro Service Ticket

Nitro Service Ticket also known as a Help Ticket is a support attribute by Nitro. If you face problems while using, installing, or upgrading Nitro, you can generate a service ticket mentioning the problem you are going through and submit to their support team. A support team representative will react to your problem and help solvefix it. Even in near future, you happen to face a similar issue, then you should refer to the ticket and reach the nitro pro support team for assistance. However, the Pro Service Ticket is an important support feature provided by Nitro Pro.

Part 2. How to Get Support from Nitro Pro Support Center

Nitro allows you to convert a document into a full editable digital file. Through the Optical Character Recognition abbreviated as OCR, you will be in a position to convert scanned files into an editable text. Below are the few steps throughwhich you turn a Nitro PDF to an editable text.

Step 1: you can Open the nitro web page on any browser and click on the support tab. You will find many options and 1 group is conversion.

Step 2: Check on the list of the most popular topics and click any text that corresponds to the issues you are facing. Alternatively, you can type a question under the got questions field and click the search key which will provide access to related topics.

Step 3: Besides, you can submit a nitro Ticket on the Submit Support Request field which is below the Nitro Support Center. This will, in turn, display a support ticket and provide quick solution to your issue. Similarly, you can hover the pointer of the mouse on the Nitro support tab and click on "submit the ticket".

Part 3. Common Issues When Contacting Nitro Support Center

1: No Response. Some users assert that they dont get any feedback from the support team even after informing their problem(s). This usually happens during business hours or after leaving a message or submitting a ticket.

2: waiting too long for response. Some users complain of lack of a reply from the support. Sometimes, the wait can be too long leaving the users annoyed and searching for other alternatives.

3: Answers not Helpful. This is the main common problem when the responses from the support team aren’t of help in solving the Nitro issues. Some users claim that the team inquires them to uninstall &reinstall the tool, which provides no help at all.

PDFelement Pro - The Best Solution to Solve Nitro Pro Support Issues

PDFelement Pro is the best alternative solution to Nitro PDF. To contact PDFelement Pro support center, you only need to open their webpage on any browser and answer acouple of questions. You will have to select category of the issue .The category will include your questions concerning the limits and category before the purchase, questions regarding the order after buying, questions about installing, downloading and activation or registration of the product, details about license policies, technical issues concerning the purchased product.

Itis a good alternative form of nitro pro in terms affordability, features, and the active support. PDF editor support team is swift and helpful which makes users contented. The support team is the inclusion of technical support, customer support and the sales. With PDFelement Pro, you'll have full access to images, texts, watermarks, links, notes etc.Besides, you can convert original PDFs to words using this powerful editor.

Key Features of PDFelement Pro

  • Quickly edits, adds, and removes the watermark in a PDF document, protecting your PDF files with the new brand, or providing a better reading experience.
  • Deletes unwanted pages, rotates new ones and adds new pages to establish an organized PDF presentation. You should Drag and drop to classify the numerical order of your the pages. It is also simple to combine and split PDF documents formats thus, saving your time to process other daily affairs.
  • PDFelement Pro is specifically designed for individuals and small business. It’s one of the standard, cost-effective PDF solution found in the market.

PDFelement Pro is best PDF editor which allows users to edit PDF files and make it as simple as typing & saving in the word processor. You can double click to edit original PDF texts with editable text blocks. Editing a PDF file has been made easy with the PDFelement Pro through which a PDF file can be converted to a Word document with 1 click of the mouse.

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