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The PDF document format is widely popular for the sending of documents that need to retain their formatting no matter which device is used to view them. It is a document format that brings added security to document sharing. With a password and a Digital ID, most PDF editors can protect the document from editing. LibreOffice PDF Editor is a free document editor and is able to edit PDF documents. The inbuilt LibreOffice Draw feature turns the PDF document into an image that can then be edited. LibreOffice allows you to make some basic edits to PDF documents. There are other editing functions that it will not be able to do, but it is quite capable of changing the look and feel of a document.

Part 1. How to Edit PDF with LibreOffice PDF Editor Alternative

The Best LibreOffice PDF Editor Alternative

PDFelement Pro is a versatile PDF editor that can edit every element of a PDF file. With this tool, you can edit text and images and also metadata. You can use the tool to rearrange, rotate, cut, split and merge pages of a PDF file. Programs like Adobe Acrobat are quite expensive for many people, and using this tool is the best alternative. Apart from simply editing existing PDF files, you can also create new ones from a blank page, convert other documents to PDF or scan and OCR printed documents to turn them into editable text that can then be saved as PDF.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Edit PDF Using PDFelement Pro

Step 1. Import PDF to the LibreOffice PDF Editor Alternative

Use the Finder to drag the PDF file into PDFelement Pro. You may also use "Open" and then navigate to where you have saved your PDF file. Once imported, all the pages of the PDF file will be displayed to you so you can decide on which ones you want to edit.

import pdf files

Step 2. Edit PDF Texts

Go to the "Text" Panel and you will find all the text editing tools there. Click on the "Add text" icon if you want to add any text. You may use the text selecting tool if you want to delete some text. On the right side of the main interface, there is a panel where you can choose the text font, style and color.

add text to pdf

Step 3. Edit PDF Pages

Go to the "Organize Pages" Panel and find the page editing tools.

Select "Insert" then "Blank page" if you want to start creating a PDF from scratch. If you want to insert pages from an existing PDF, you can click on the "Insert" button at first and then choose "From PDF." You will have to enter the page range.

insert pages to pdf

Select the "Delete" icon under the "Organize Page" panel and then specify the page range when you want to delete some pages. You may also click on the page or pages you want to delete and click on the delete icon.

delete pdf pages

Note: In order to make the changes permanent, you have to save the document immediately.

Why Choose PDFelement Pro to Edit PDF Files

A foremost said the PDFelement Pro is a versatile tool that allows you to edit every aspect of a PDF file. You can start off by editing text and images and then editing the actual pages. This means moving the pages around, deleting or adding to their number, rotating them to change their orientations and a lot more. The editor will also allow you to secure your PDF with a password once you are finished editing it. Here are some other features of this magnificent tool:

The main features of PDFelement Pro:

  • Create new PDF files or convert other files to PDF.
  • Create your own PDF forms and also edit and fill out others.
  • Scan printed documents and turn scanned PDF files into editable text through the OCR process.
  • Add your own signature to your PDF files. You may also add a unique digital ID.
  • The simple user interface allows you to find all editing functions quickly.

Part 2. How to Edit PDF with LibreOffice PDF Editor

With the help of LibreOffice PDF editor, you can open and edit a PDF file effortlessly. This section will show you how to edit a PDF document with LibreOffice step by step.

Step 1. Open PDF for editing

Once you have launched LibreOffice, go to "File" and then "Open." Now navigate to where you saved your PDF file and select it.

edit pdf with libreoffice

Step 2. Edit the PDF file

Since you will be importing the PDF file as an image, the document will be opened in the inbuilt LibreOffice Draw feature. Every part of the document will be editable.


The object that you will be editing will determine the editing tools that pop up. When you are editing an image, the image editing tools will be available. If it is text, then the text editing tools will appear.
You can add a new object to the PDF file by drawing a box on the file and then working within the box.

libreoffice pdf editor

Step 3. Save the PDF file

Now click on the "PDF" icon within the toolbar and then click on "Save." This will save your changes.

edit pdf files with libreoffice

Troubleshooting on Editing PDF with LibreOffice PDF Editor

1. Garbled text after opening PDF file – There are times when the text will appear messed up when you open a PDF file. The issue here is that LibreOffice may not have some of the fonts that are in the PDF file. Install the fonts and the text will be viewed correctly.

2. PDF forms not working properly – You may create advanced PDF forms within LibreOffice and everything will be working properly, but when you export to PDF, the form does not work on other readers or editors. The problem here is that LibreOffice will only export a PDF form in its basic format. If you want advanced forms with Logic functions, then use Acrobat Pro

3. Tables not exported – At times, the tables that you create within LibreOffice will not be exported in the PDF. This does not always happen and will be due to how some Table characteristics are interpreted during conversion. The only solution is to keep tables to their most basic forms.

4. Image damaged when saving to PDF – At times, you will find the images becoming garbled and shrunken when exporting to PDF. To correct this, ensure that you select "lossless compression" in the export options dialogue, and the images will no longer be ruined.

5. Writer cannot export to PDF – Sometimes, the LibreOffice Writer will refuse to export to PDF. The main window will go dim, but no PDF export dialogue will appear. The reason for this was a bug, but there was a hotfix that was created for it.

Part 3. LibreOffice PDF Editor vs PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro
PDF Editing Text This is easy and straightforward like you would on a Word processor. This is quite difficult, given that every sentence is turned into a text box. Editing paragraphs can be a nightmare.
PDF Editing Page manipulation Images can be added and removed with ease. The program will allow for adding images, but you cannot remove those in the original PDF.
OCR The tool is highly accurate. You can only edit one page at a time. You cannot rotate pages. You cannot merge pages.
User Interface The intuitive interface is easy to follow. Some of the text is not properly read and so there will be a lot of errors.
Support System You get 27/7 support by email, chat or phone No very reliable.
Price $69 for a single computer. This is Free ($0.00).

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