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Nitro Pro is a compact PDF application for users to create, convert and edit PDF documents. It helps users to take good control of PDF documents with less energy and time. There are various Nitro Pro PDF alternatives for Mac OS and Windows PC, which will help you edit portable document formats on Windows and Mac with ease. Below are some of the discussed options.

Part 1. Top 10 Nitro PDF Alternative

#1: PDFelement Pro (for Mac and Windows)

PDFelement Pro comes with the ability to let you edit PDF files in a full scope as it’s done in Microsoft Word processor. The software also lets you convert PDF files to Word documents, HTML, Excel, EPUB, PPT, Images and more.


  • Edits scanned or native PDF by adding, changing or deleting, images texts, and others in PDF.
  • It allows you to edit PDF text, images as well as links.
  • Converts scanned and standard PDF to Excel, Word, PPT, HTML, Images and other formats.
  • Creates a PDF from already existing PDF, HTMLWebpages, and Text files.
  • Combines compresses, or divides PDF files.
  • Fill out and create PDF from other free PDF form templates.
launch pdf editor

#2: Foxit PDF Editor (for Windows)

Foxit PDF Editor is an efficient working portable document format editing software. This editor automatically locates test boxes and also lets its users edit paragraphs within text boxes.


  • It enables users to join or split text blocks for easy editing. However, the users can move or resize text blocks to obtain an exact layout.
  • The image editing capabilities are well incorporated.


  • It comes with detached plug-in facility which needs separate installation.
  • The process of updating the plug-in is trivial especially to the new users of the editor.
Foxit PDF Editor

#3: PDF Studio (for Mac, Linux, Windows)

PDF Studio is a convenient alternative for nitro pdf converter. PDF Studio consists of all the editing with extra features an excellent PDF editing should have, in compliance with the portable document format file standards.


  • It has file support in the form of Google Drive Share Point.
  • It makes portable document formats out of Microsoft Word documents and other texts as well as annotating PDF files.


  • Its trial version comes with a watermark.
  • There is no provision of undo option. Besides, it does not work with the standard trackpad prompts such as zoom or shrink.
PDF Studio

#4: PDFpen (for Mac)

PDFpen is an editing software for portable document formats.The software is compatible with the Mac OS. PDFpen has basic PDF editor features such as correcting typos and making changes in a text document. Besides, it also lets the user add documents, images, and signatures.


  • It can export Microsoft -Word documents to a portable document format.
  • It can scan and turn images into a text file through OCR.


  • It has functional issues e.g.; pages can seem out of focus occasionally. Also long files take a lot of time to load.
  • The software does not have features such as Page Labeling.

#5: Expert PDF Reader (for Windows)

Expert PDF Reader is professional on providing features of editing PDF documents. You can have unique features like insert stamps or make your signature in PDF document. A restriction of the expert reader is that it does not support all kinds of PDF documents. This program is fast and tiny with no-charge to use or even download.


  • Expert pdf reader Supports to read most of PDF documents.
  • The software has Simple interface.
  • Supports to save edited documents in different formats.
  • It is totally free to obtain the software.


  • Has limited edit tool.
  • Have Difficulties on using the editing tool.
Expert PDF Reader

#6: PDFClerk Pro (for Mac)

PDFClerk Pro is a program with a high-speed functionality in handling portable document format files. The software comes with various features where you can make a PDF file in foreign languages to be read from right to left such as Hebrew and Greek.


  • The PDF converter allows users to resize and shift the content of pages if necessary.
  • The software lets users export single pages in a bitmap format.


  • Page markup tools are absent.
  • The interface is not appealing to the user.
PDFClerk Pro

#7: Able Word PDF (for Windows)

Able Word PDF is handy PDF editing program that allows the user to use it as pdf editing tool or a word processor. With this software, you can edit and Save PDF document for free and very simple. The software is mainly used as PDF Editor and also can be used as PDF to Word Converter. On the same hand, the able word is a great Word Processing program with excellent features free available features.


  • It’s free software even for commercial purposes.
  • The program is Simple and easy to install.
  • Works as pdf editor and Free Word Processor.
  • Able word converts PDF to Word document format.


  • Does not have Mac version.
Able Word PDF

#8: Infix PDF Editor (for Mac and Windows)

Infix PDF Editor edits PDF documents in the manner of word-processing software. Therefore, it’s highly functional and straightforward regarding reformatting edited files. Infix PDF Editor is resourceful software when editing and reutilizing of PDF documents as well as altering texts, images, and font sizes.


  • The software can copy pictures and text PDF files.
  • It has a Search and a replace feature across multiple documents.


  • Watermarks appear on the final files primarily When filling forms.
  • Few features are not found in its advanced and standard mode.
Infix PDF Editor

#9: PDF-XChange Viewer (for Windows)

With PDF-XChange Viewer allows users to view and edit PDFs formats, from an intuitive and attractive interface. This software editing options are very impressive; it lets the user edit extensively, with few exceptions, such as the ability to remove or add pages. Underlining, commenting, creating text boxes, stamping, and attaching documents are all easily done, modified and deleted in a click of a button. Additional features of the PDF-XChange include broad range interface language options’, document preview and a snapshot tool. PDF-XChange Viewer


  • Easy and fast on computer resources.
  • Excellent editing options.
  • Extensive configuration options.


  • Cannot create documents.
PDF-XChange Viewer

#10: Proview (for Mac)

Proview employs a broad range of features to edit and creates new documents. Proview enables users to add or remove PDF documents, or make changes to various parts of a PDF text.


  • Proview converter has Comprehensive and interactive tools with greater formatting features.
  • Has capability of labeling multiple pages together.


  • The files edited by trial version carries watermark across it.
  • It has short features as compared to Acrobat X Pro.

Nitro PDF Reader is a low-cost full-pack version of various features which allows you to create PDF files with more than 300 different formats. This handy tool is fully packed with classy leading features. It is a standard PDF editor which allows you to edit, collaborate, review, share, sign PDF files, and many other features too.

Nitro PDF Reader Pros:

  • It supports windows 32 bit, 64 bit,and as well as mobile versions.
  • It has intuitive user interface and familiar ribbons.
  • It supports great optimization capability for small size PDF files.
  • It supports the file conversion so that you can create better quality DOC files from PDFS.

Nitro PDF Reader Cons:

  • Though the standard features of Nitro PDF Reader is free,but to use the premium features,you have to buy a full license,which is pretty costly.
  • Though it works really well for smaller size PDF files, but for large size PDFS, the OCR crashes too frequently, generating very slow performance.
  • There is no technical support from Nitro team even for the licensed versions also.
  • There are cases,where the licensed version stopped working after a Windows update.
  • It doesn't support PDF indexing.

Part 2. How to Use Nitro PDF Reader Alternative

A great alternative to Nitro PDF Reader, can be the PDFelement Pro . It is an amazing software with vast editing options. It is a professional text editor with comparatively less hassles. The steps below will show you how to use this Nitro PDF Reader Alternative.

Step 1. Open PDF

After downloading the installer from their official site, simply install it by double clicking the installer.After successful installation, launch the editor. It primarily contains four sections : Create PDF, Edit PDF text, Combine PDF, and Convert PDF.

Click on "Open File" button from bottom left corner, browse to select the specific file, now again click on Open to load your file.

import pdf to nitro pdf reader alternative

Step 2. Read PDF

The editor allows to view your file in five different modes: Single ,Continuous, Facing, Facing Continuous, and Full Screen modes.

Single Mode: You can view each page separately.
Continuous Mode: You can view each page separately but in a continuous manner.
Facing Mode: You can view two pages of your document simultaneously.
Facing Continuous Mode: You can view two pages of your document both simultaneously and continuously.
Full Screen Mode: You can view your document in full screen,use Esc button to exit this mode when needed.

read pdf with nitro pdf reader alternative

You can Zoom in/Zoom out the text using these buttons(Zoom in/Zoom) based on how particularly how you want to visualize the texts. The more you push these buttons, more stronger the zoom will be.

read pdf with nitro pdf reader alternative

Step 3. Edit PDF Texts

Just click on "Edit Text" button under edit tab and now click anywhere in your page where you want to imply or apply the necessary changes. Choose "Add Text" from edit tab, and select the area to add the new texts. There is standard and specific options to edit and change font style, font colors. It is available under Edit tab itself.

edit pdf text with nitro pdf reader alternative

Step 4. Edit PDF Pages

1.Insert Pages: First click on 'Page' followed by 'Insert' to add either blank page or from another PDF of your choice.'Blank page' will add one extra blank page to your existing PDF where as 'From PDF' allows you to browse and select the required page from another PDF.
2.Delete Pages: Follow the navigation Page >> Delete, and choose the range of pages you want to delete at a go.
3.Extract Pages: Click on 'Extract' from 'Page',then choose the page/pages to extract to your current document.
4.Replace Pages: Go to Page, then click on Replace, to replace page/pages on your working document from the page/pages of the same document.Click on Ok on the confirmation pop-up to confirm the changes.

edit pdf page with nitro pdf reader alternative
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