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The text size of any document should be legible at all times. Sometimes, you may need to make font larger to emphasize a point, make a heading or a subheading. This is the reason why you need a PDF Size editor that can easily manipulate the PDF font size. There are many tools that can do so on a Mac and on a Windows computer. This article will take you through some of the best PDF text size editors on the market today, including PDFelement Pro.

Part 1. Top 5 PDF Size Editor for Mac (macOS 10.15 included) and Windows

#1. PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro is a great PDF size editor which allows you to modify PDF size and edits every part of a PDF file. With the help of this PDF editor tool, you can easily edit font size in PDF and compress order crop PDF size according to your needs. You can create a new file or form, or convert from another document format. It also converts PDF to other formats. You can add your signature and permissions. You can also scan and OCR printed documents. The features of this tool are only rivaled by those of Acrobat Pro.


  • Edit PDF font size with multiple PDF editing tools.
  • The great user interface makes it easy to use.
  • Creates unique PDF forms.
  • Accurate conversion of other formats to PDF and PDF to other formats.
  • Compress and crop PDF pages according to your needs.


  • There are none at the moment.
PDFelement Pro for windows

#2. Foxit Phantom PDF Editor for Windows

Foxit Phantom PDF Editor is another useful PDF size editor. Use this tool to change the text size of any PDF file. When you get converted PDF files, or you create your own, you can easily change the size of the text to make emphasis on some parts. You may also use it to add security options, PDF conversions functions, remove watermarks from existing documents and a lot more.


  • It has a simple interface.
  • It has seamless PDF functions.
  • You can convert files to and from other formats and PDFs.


  • It does not save documents as EPUB.
  • It is a costly tool.
foxit phantompdf

#3. Adobe Acrobat Pro XI

Adobe Acrobat Pro XI is the pioneer and inventor of the PDF file format and one has to mention their editor. When you need to change the text size of your PDF file, you will easily do so using this tool. It can be a bit complicated to use, but once you get to understand it, it is one of the best.


  • It comes with very many editing features.
  • It is user-friendly once understood.
  • It has powerful and accurate file conversion abilities.


  • It does not OCR documents.
  • It does not work with EPUB.
  • It is very expensive.
adobe acrobat

#4. Nitro Pro 9

Nitro Pro 9 is a PDF size editor that will edit text very easily thanks to the full-featured nature. It has wonderful creation and editing functions. Apart from changing the text size of your PDF file, you may also use the Nitro Cloud to collaborate and share your work with other PDF enthusiasts.


  • Allows for sharing and collaboration on the cloud.
  • It secures your documents.
  • It has several powerful PDF editing features.


  • It does now work with video and audio in PDF files.
  • It is a costly tool.

#5. PDF Studio Pro

PDF Studio Pro is another alternative to Adobe Acrobat since it has powerful editing features. It will edit your text with ease and change the font size. It comes with an interactive form designer, a PDF optimizer, Redaction tools, security features and a lot more. This is therefore one of the best PDF Editor that you can find


  • It is powerful, yet easy to use.
  • Allows for batch processing of PDF files.


  • The user interface is cluttered and can be confusing.

Part 2. Top 5 Best Online PDF Size Editor

#1. Sedja PDF Editor

Sedja PDF Editor is one of the best online PDF size editors. It allows you to edit PDF font size online with ease. This means that you can easily change the font size of your document by editing the original text instead of overlaying it with another text box.


  • It edits the original text of the PDF file.
  • It is great for adding security to your PDF.


  • A maximum of 3 PDF documents every hour.
  • A maximum of 50 MB and 200 pages for every PDF file you upload.

#2. PDFEscape

PDFEscape is another Online PDF editor that you can use to change the text size of a document. However, it will not allow you to edit the original text. You have to whiteout the original text and overlay it will new text, which you can now edit.


  • It is completely free.
  • Works well with most browsers.


  • You cannot editor the original text of a PDF file.
  • Maximum of 10MB and 100 pages for every PDF file you upload.

#3. SmallPDF

SmallPDF is a small PDF editor that allows you to edit PDF font size online and make basic changes to your PDF file. You can change backgrounds, and other features. However, it will also not edit the original text of a PDF file. There is no registration required and no watermarks are added to your documents.


  • It is easy to use and quite fast.
  • There is no registration required.


  • You must use the whiteout feature to make changes to the text.
  • The servers can be slow when many people are working on them.

#4. PDF Pro

PDF Pro is an online PDF size editor that comes with a handy file manager which allows you to open any PDF files you uploaded in the past, as long as you have not moved them from their location on your drive. It also requires you to add the whiteout feature so you can modify PDF size.


  • Allows you to share directly through email.
  • You can print your new PDF file without downloading it.


  • Cannot directly edit original PDF text
pdf pro

#5. PDFZorro

Like most other online PDF tools, PDFZorro will not edit original text. You have to white it out and type new text on top. The tool is great for changing other aspects of a PDF file, such as drawing objects, changing backgrounds and drawing lines, but the text editing is really cumbersome.


  • You do not need to register.
  • It is fast even when you have to whiteout and replace text.


  • Cannot directly edit original PDF text

Part 3. How to Eit Text Size in PDF

PDFelement Pro for Mac (or PDFelement Pro for Windows) is one of the leading PDF size editors on the market. It comes with advanced PDF editing features, all wrapped up in a neat, easy-to-follow package. The program will edit all aspects of a PDF file including changing the size of the text. You can also change the font size in a PDF form. This editor will change the text of existing and new PDF files that you may create. It allows you to change the text size for documents' and forms. Even if you convert another file format to PDF, you will still be able to edit the size of the text just like you would in the original software that created the document.

How to Change the Font Size in PDF

Step 1. Launch the Program

Download and install PDFelement Pro and then launch it to access the welcome page.

PDFelement Pro

Step 2. Import PDF Files

Use the "Open File" feature to browse to the source destination of the PDF file and then select it for loading. You may also drag and drop it on the interface and it will automatically be loaded. You will get a preview of the pages, and you can select that in which you want to change the font size.

import pdf to the program

Step 3. Edit Text Size in PDF

Go to the "Edit" feature and you will see the text selection tool. Choose it and then select the text that you want the size changed. On the right side of the screen, you will see a Text Panel, with the font size selection feature. Click on this feature and then choose the text size that you desire. You can easily reduce text size in PDF.

edit text size in pdf

The text of any document, no matter the format is very important. The text must be of a size that will not strain the eyes to read. Text can also be used to emphasize important points and sections. This pricks the curiosity of the reader and makes the reader go on reading the document. Without such emphasis, documents would look very drab. iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Pro is a great tool for changing the text size of any PDF file. It allows you to edit all aspects of the document, and this versatility gives you more control over the final look and feel of your document. There are many online and desktop PDF tools that you can use to edit the text size of a PDF file. The list above gives you some of the best available.


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