Does PDFescape Let You Edit PDF Offline?


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Everyone encounters PDF documents when working. In fact, it's one of the most used file types out there. People view sensitive work documents like financial statements through the use of PDF readers. There's just one catch. Usually, free PDF readers don't allow users to edit files. One amazing option to edit PDFs is to use PDFescape right from your web browser. It's free, easy to use and without installing anything. And you can also try the alternative of PDFescape - PDFelement Pro.

The Best PDFescape Alternative

PDFelement Pro - The Best Way to Edit PDF Offline

However, for those who have no Internet connection and want more powerful features, PDFescape is not an ideal choice. Is there a good PDFescape alternative for Mac and Windows users? Fortunately, there is. PDFelement Pro is one of the most useful programs that help you edit and convert your PDF documents. To give you an idea, this best Windows or Mac PDF Editor allows users to do the following things to PDF files:

Why Choose this PDF Editor:

  • Users can change the font's face, size, color, and apply other formatting options to the document.
  • Users can annotate the pages according to their needs.
  • Users can merge two separate PDF files into one convenient document.
  • Users have the option of changing the file type from .pdf to other versions.
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Below is the step-by-step guide on editing PDF documents with PDFescape alternative.

Step 1. Import the PDF document to be edited

To do this, go to the "File" tab and click "Open". Choose the necessary PDF file.

Step 2. Start editing PDF files

Next, you can edit your file by going to the "Home" tab and clicking "Edit" afterwards.

Step 3. Markup PDFs

To format, highlight the words to be formatted then click the necessary icon to change the font size, color, etc.

Step 4. Add text to PDF file

To insert, simply click to the text to be edited and add words by typing in the space. Likewise, you can remove words by simply deleting them.

pdfescape edit

It's a good thing that this PDFescape alternative program is available for Mac users. Now, Mac users need not worry about editing their PDF documents. With just a simple installation of PDFelement Pro in the Mac laptop, users can start working immediately.

Unlike PDFescape, PDFelement Pro runs offline and is not web-based. Working with PDFs can now be done anywhere and anytime the user wants to. The Pro version even enable you to convert and edit scanned PDF files without any hassle. Try it today.


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