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Creating fillable PDF forms in Mac or Windows is not an easy task, at least not without a great PDF form builder. For the best experience, free PDF form builder will just not get the job done as well as you would like, if they even have this important feature to begin with. Here is a look at the best PDF form builder for Mac and Windows and how to make the best of it as far as creating and filling PDF forms with PDFelement Pro .

The Best PDF Form Builer for Mac and Windows

How to Build and Fill in PDF Form

Step 1. Launch the PDF form builder

Once you have downloaded and installed the PDF form builder, launch it and go to the main interface.

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Step 2. Start building PDF forms

To build a new form, go to "File" and click on "Create", and then choose "Blank Document" to build the PDF form. And then click on “Form” at the top of the toolbar in order to type in text and form buttons.

Alternatively, you can download a PDF form template from the PDFelement Pro site and customize it to your needs. This will make your job a lot easier if you would like to create the forms fast.

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Step 3. Fill out PDF form

To fill out PDF form, click "Open File" in the main interface and choose the PDF form you would like to fill to open the form with the program.

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For an interactive PDF form, the program will automatically highlight the fillable fields and you can fill in the information as required.

For the non-interactive PDF forms, you just have to click open the “Comment” option, then choose “Text Comment” From here, you can click on the form and fill in any required data.

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After the form is filled, you can save the file with the introduced changes. While at it, you can choose between various formats, including PDF, word, and other desired document formats.

PDFelement Pro - The Easiest Way to Create PDF Form

PDFelement Pro is the best way to create PDF forms on both Mac and Windows. This PDF form builder makes creating PDF forms as easy as creating documents on a word processor. This is not something you can expect even of the best free PDF form builder. With the PDFelement Pro, things like text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons and any other elements you need on your PDF form will be very easy to create. Other than that, you can always download several great templates and make your job a whole lot easier, not to mention more professional-looking.

Why Choose This PDF Form Builder

  • It allows you to edit PDF as easy as in a Word processor by adding, deleting, inserting and modify texts, images and links.
  • With this PDF form builder, you can easily create fillable forms and fill in Non-interactive PDF Form.
  • You can convert PDF or PDF forms into other document formats, including PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and other text formats.
  • The PDFelement Pro can edit and convert scanned PDF files easily with the help of built-in OCR feature.
  • You are able to create PDF forms with many free form templates, and fill out interactive and non-interactive PDF forms.
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