How to Erase Watermark from PDF File


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Watermarks can be useful in plenty of situations like when you want to protect your document against theft among other reasons. However, the same watermarks can become bothersome and you are obliged to erase them. They might distract you from reading your document well or you just find it annoying. Whichever the case, finding the right way to erase watermarks is important. If you are also hunting for the best way to erase the watermark, just know you are not alone because several other people also ask the same question. While there are plenty of tools to erase watermark from PDF, finding the right one can prove a daunting task. Fortunately, this guide gives you a step-by-step guide on how to erase the watermark with ease.

How to Erase Watermark Using PDFelement

PDFelement Pro is an all-in-one PDF solution software used by myriads of organizations and people for academic, financial, and human resource tasks. Apart from a plethora of excellent functions offered by PDFelement, this tool makes it seamless and effective for users to erase watermark on their PDF files. The good thing with PDFelement is that it has an intuitive interface that makes user navigation easier than you thought. Other features offered by PDFelement include OCR, organize, annotate, edit, protect, share, compress, convert, print, create forms, and sign PDF. Download the free version to check the features mentioned above then upgrade to the premium version to unlock the unmatchable PDF experience.

Steps on How to Erase Watermark on PDF

Follow these steps on how to erase a watermark on a PDF using PDFelement.

Step 1. Upload a PDF File

First, double-tap the PDFelement icon on your computer to launch the program and access the primary window. When the main window is displayed, identify and click the 'Open files' icon. Upon clicking it, you will be taken to the file explorer window. Browse the PDF file that you want to erase the watermark, select it, and click 'Open'. The PDF file should be uploaded to the PDFelement window. Another option is to drag the PDF file and drop it on the PDFelement window.

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Step 2. Choose to Edit Watermark

When the PDF file is finally uploaded, it should open on the interface. Now navigate to the toolbar and hit the 'Edit' tab. You should see several 'Edit' menus just below it. Ignore the other options and click the 'Watermark' drop-down icon. Here, you will be given two options, namely 'Add Watermark' and 'Edit Watermark'. Select the 'Edit Watermark' option and the program will automatically pop up the 'Edit Watermark' window.

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Step 3. Erase Watermark from PDF

Go to the bottom right of the 'Edit Watermark' window and click the 'Delete watermark' icon. Upon clicking it, a pop-up window shall appear, prompting you to confirm whether you want to delete the watermark. If you are certain that you want to erase the watermark, just click 'OK' to confirm. When the prompt closes, click the 'Apply' button to close the 'Edit' window. The watermark should now be removed from your PDF file.

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Step 4. Save PDF File

Now that the watermark has been erased on your PDF file, you need to save it so the changes you have made cannot be discarded. To save your PDF file, simply go to the 'File' menu and hit the 'Save' icon.

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