How to Put a Signature on a PDF Document

How to Put a Digital Signature in PDF File?

Do you know how to put a digital signature in a PDF document? Click the "Try It Free" button to download PDFelement Pro and follow this guide to easily put a digital signature in a PDF file.

Most people are used to signing their documents physically. However, times have changed, and documents are now being digitized. Adding a signature to your PDF helps you personalize important documents electronically. Business contracts, NDAs, and rental agreements all require to be signed electronically, and you might not know how to achieve that. If you want to learn how to put a signature on a PDF document, you have clicked on the right article.

How to Put a Signature on a PDF Document using PDFelement Pro

If you are looking for a PDF management application that will sign, create and convert any document into PDF format, you should try PDFelement Pro. This application also allows you to add a signature to your PDF document. Some of the main features of this app include optical character recognition, editing, annotation, and password protection. Now let us see how you can use it to put a signature on a PDF.

PDFelement Pro

Download and try PDFelement Pro below, follow this easy guide to put a digital signature in a PDF document.

how to insert signature in pdf

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to put a signature on a PDF document.

Step 1Open a PDF Document

Launch the PDFelement on your computer. On the homepage, there are various options such as OCR, convert to PDF, create PDF, compress a file, combine a document, and batch PDF. You will also be able to see your recent documents. For this case, select “Open Files” to open the PDF file you wish to add the signature.

how to insert signature in pdf
Step 2Create a Signature

At the top of your screen, click on the “Comment” tab next to the Help option. An additional tab will appear below that allows you to comment and highlight on the PDF file. Navigate to the very end of that tab and click on the “Create” icon to create your signature as shown. Three options will appear under the “Add Signature” tab.

insert signature in pdf
Step 3Three Ways to Put a Signature on a PDF Document

There are three ways in which you can put a signature on a PDF. They include Draw, Type, and Upload. Select “Draw” if you want to use your mouse or stylus to design your signature manually. Click on “Type” if you’re going to use your keyboard to insert your signature. Last but not least, select “Upload” to send a photo of your existing signature to the app. The app will direct you to your folders, so you have to ensure you remember the file in which you saved a photo of your signature.

insert signature in pdf
Step 4Put a Signature to PDF

After adding your signature, use your mouse or touchpad to resize the signature and move it to anywhere you want in the document. Place your cursor on the grid lines and drag it upwards, downwards, or sideways to resize the signature. More often than not, signatures are located at the bottom of the page. Ensure that you have placed your signature at the correct position and sized it correctly.

insert signature in pdf file
Step 5Save PDF File

After putting the signature in the right location, save your PDF file. To do so, click on the “Save” icon at the top of the page. The program will save the PDF file with the new signature added.

insert signature in pdf file

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