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PDF is one of the most renowned file formats which are developed by ISO. There are many advantages of using such file format as it is easy to operate and reliable at the same time. The management of PDF files also includes a password application which means that the files are safe and secure. At times the password is applied when the file is transferred from one person to another. It means that the file cannot be accessed and the contents cannot be viewed. There are numerous PDF Password hackers which are used to bypass the passwords and to make sure that the PDF files are unlocked. Though safety and security is very important but it can be a headache at times. Only PDF password cracker is the solution to all the issues. Such programs have been designed to provide instant results and to ensure state of the art outcome for all. The best one is PDFelement Pro.

Top 5 Tool to Crack Password-Protected PDF Files

  • #1. PDFelement Pro
  • #2. PDFCrack
  • #3. Wondershare PDF Password Remover
  • #4. PDFCrypt
  • #5. PDF Unlocker

Below are the top 5 PDF Password hackers which can be used to crack PDF file passwords.

#1. PDFelement Pro - The Best PDF Password Hacker

PDFelement Pro is the best and the most advanced tool for password hacking and this tool can crack passwords easily to open any kind of PDF file. There are numerous other PDF related functions which can be used and the PDF files can be modified. Apart from all these, this can do manipulaiton and comes along with different handy and helpful features. The program can be used to edit image, text, page and OCR PDF with ease. The PDF files can also be markup, annotated, stamp and free hand drawn with this tool. In a nutshell this tool can be regarded as a one stop shop for all PDF related needs and demands.

Key Features of iSkysfot PDF Editor 6 Professional:

  • It comes with sticky notes, drawing tools, text box, mark up tools, and so much more.
  • Add notes to a PDF on Mac with this software and your text analyses will be more productive.
  • From a dropdown menu on the Tools option, you can access and even customize any of these note taking tools. This makes the program as one of the most unique.
  • It provides you many PDF editing tool to edit, convert, create, secure, OCR and share PDF files.
  • You can batch process multiple PDF files and do data extraction from PDF files. This feature is highly in demand when it comes to corporate users.


  • The PDF files can be combined, split and converted to various other formats using this program.
  • The program can also be used to fill and create PDF forms. It is a very handy tool to work on more than one PDF files.


  • None
iskysoft pdf eidtor 6 professional

#2. PDF Crack

PDF Crack is an online PDF Password programmer which can be utilized to split the documents easily and satisfaction. There are numerous locations from where the files can be uploaded to the program to get the work done. The organizational name of this program is PDF unlock and it is available for purchase as well. There is a desktop version as well which can be used to get the work done. It is a very handy tool and the online version is highly recommended as it is very easy to use.


  • The program has the ability to upload files from Google Drive and even dropbox which makes it very easy to use.
  • The processing power of the program does not depend upon the computer as it is used online.


  • The files are uploaded to the website which means that there is always a risk of security and safety of files. /li>
  • The developers mention on the website that most PDF files can be cracked which means not all.

3. Wondershare PDF password Remover

Wondershare PDF password Remover is another tool which can be used to crack all kinds of PDF files. There are many PDF files which can be worked upon at once and therefore it is highly regarded. The program is stable and therefore the user base is also high. Wondershare is also a renowned company so the program can be used with ease and satisfaction. The Wondershare is a company known for quality program development.


  • The program has highly intuitive interface which means that the user is easy and everyone can understand it easily.
  • The program manages PDF files in parts which means faster and on the spot results.


  • The program is too slow for any professional to work on. The new releases are not implemented by the developers at all.
  • The program has to be purchased and the rates are very high. A simple fact that it is not affordable by single user.

4. PDFCrypt

The PDFCrypt has been developed by SANFACE Software developers and it is regarded as one of the best PDF password crackers that can be found online. The program cracks the PDF files in a manner that is very intuitive and cannot be found in most of the programs of similar genre. The program has all what is required to get the work done with ease and satisfaction. The program also ensures that the PDF password is displayed once it has been cracked. It can be used for future as well.


  • The PDF password can be cracked with ease using this program as the functionality is very easy to understand.
  • The program is very small in size and it means that the system resources are never consumed while it is being used.


  • The interface of the program is very hard to understand and it can be compared to old DOS based programs which users don’t understand now.
  • The program is also difficult to use as there is no file upload option and only path is to be given to it to perform.

5. PDF Unclocker

PDF Unclocker is a platform independent tool which can be used to get the PDF passwords retrieved with ease and satisfaction. The tool has very easy to understand methodology and therefore it is highly regarded by the users. The program has good user reviews as it is not difficult at all and it also means a lot to the users that are looking for similar programs. The program manages the PDF files as well. The unlocking mechanism is just a couple of clicks away which means that everyone can use the program.


  • The program is easy to use and therefore the user does not have to be tech savvy in order to operate it with ease.
  • The program has easy installation interface and therefore this part also presents no hurdles to any user that wants to use it.


  • The program cannot unclock all PDF files and gives error while unocking some PDF’s which are embedded with advance encryption.
  • All known PDF versions are not supported by the program which means standard security handling protocol is not completely fulfilled by it.
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