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In today's digital age when PDF files are used for all sorts of content from businesses to individuals and everything runs on the internet it becomes vital to secure sensitive documents and save PDF with the password so that the information on the file is available to selected people. Thankfully, you can easily save PDF with password and secure the data with a reliable PDF tool, PDFelement Pro. In this guide, we will be reviewing how to save a password-protected PDF with PDFelement.

Method 2: How to Save PDF with Password

One of the best ways to save PDF with a password is by using PDFelement. It is a comprehensive feature-packed software that fulfills all your PDF editing, modifying, converting, security requirements. Many tools possess similar features but PDFelement is advanced, quick, and easy to use to get all functions done intuitively.

It offers advanced features like ORC technology that supports more than 25 languages, convert PDF into any formats, annotate, combine, create, sign and share on any platform. Knowing that the security of data is important, we are here to make it easy for you to save PDF with a password.

Let's dive into the steps on how to save PDF with a password using PDFelement:

Step 1: Open PDF file

To get started download PDFelement, install it, and run it. On the PDFelement main page, you will see an 'Open File' option. Open the PDF you want to password-protect. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file or choose it manually.

save pdf with password

Step 2: Edit PDF (Optional)

Now the file is uploaded on the PDFelement workspace you can edit the PDF. To do that navigate to the top toolbar; click the icon labeled 'Edit'. You can access editing features and edit PDF, including adding a text, images, watermark, links, background, and more. And make the desired editing.

how to save a password protected pdf

Step 3: Set a password on PDF

Once you are completely done and satisfied with all the editing, you can start to protect PDF with a password. For that on the main toolbar, click the icon labeled 'Protect' icon, 'Set Password' options will be available. Click the option, a security dialog box will open up. Use this dialogue box to set an Open password or Permission password or set both as per the need.

Open password as the name suggests it is to restrict others from opening and viewing the PDF document; Permission password on the other hand means to restrict others from editing, copying, printing, and making changes to the PDF document and giving permission accordingly.

Check Open password or Permission password and enter the password of your choice on the box that reads entering password. Additionally, you can set print permission, change permission, and set encryption level suitably.

At last, click on the 'Save' button.

how to save pdf with password

Step 4: Save PDF with password

Now that you are done with editing and the password is set. It is time to save all the changes. Click on the 'Save' option on the top or you can use the 'Ctrl +S' shortcut to save the changes. Then, your PDF is saved with a password. Once the user who is having the correct password will be able to open and access it.

how to save pdf file with password

Method 2: How to Save PDF with Password Online

HiPDF is an all-in-one online PDF editor for all the PDF solution. It is an online-web application that you can trust as HiPDF takes security on priority and encryption is enforced on both the side during the upload and download sessions. It is one of the quick and hassle-free ways to password protect your PDF file. Furthermore, it allows you to upload a PDF, edit it, and download it back to your local system.

Step 1. Visit the official website of HiPDF and click on the 'All Tools' icon at the top then go to the 'Protect PDF' tab.

Step 2. This offers two ways to upload a file drag and drop a file or click on 'Choose File' to upload the file.

Step 3. Once the PDF is uploaded on the window, enter the desired password with 6-20 characters into the input box and click on 'Encrypt' button to apply the password.

Step 4. Click the 'Download' button to download the encrypted PDF file.

how to save pdf file with password

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