How to Send PDF Files on Mac and Windows


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Portable Document Format or PDF is by far the most convenient way for sharing data with people online. Its popularity has increased simply because it can be opened in various programs, including operating systems such as Mac (10.15 Catalina included), Windows, and Linux. This article will show how to send a PDF file by email, no matter it's a small PDF or a large PDF.

Part 1. The Easiest Way to Send PDF Files

PDFelement Pro - The Best Tool to Send PDF

A user can send PDF files after attaching them, however, larger files may take more time to upload depending on internet connectivity. Sending larger files to workmates through email can sometimes be daunting. There are techniques on how to send large PDF files through email. The most effective way to do this is by compressing large PDF files into smaller sizes. Here comes PDFelement Pro, which can do the job perfectly.

Why Choose This PDF Editor:

  • Directly send PDF to email.
  • Compress PDF for better sending.
  • Edit PDF files if needed.
  • Convert and create PDF files.
  • Protect PDF documents.
  • OCR scanned PDF files.

3 Ways to Send PDF on Mac and Windows

Option 1. Directly Send Your PDF within the Application

Launch the PDF Editor program, and load the PDF files you want to send by clicking the "Open" button. In the upper left corner, click "File > Mail." Alternatively, hit the "Mail" button on the top toolbar.

Fill in the recipient's e-mail address and the email subject, then click "Send" to start sending PDF files via email.

email pdf

Option 2. Make PDF File Smaller

Go to "File > Optimize" to access the compression options. Choose an ideal option or customize the compression parameters by yourself. After compression, your PDF can be reduced to a smaller size and then you can send it via email without wasting too much time.

compress pdf

Option 3. Split a Large PDF into Multiple Files

You can also send a PDF quickly by separate it into small files. To do this, click "Document > Split Document." Then specify the Split Method and Output Folder. After that, you can send the files one by one.

Note: This PDF Editor allows you to do some changes to your PDFs if you want, you can access information about editing PDF files.

split pdf

Part 2. How to Send PDF with Ease

Sending a PDF document is so easy that it does not require any special and complicated steps. Users can send PDF to other people by attaching it to their emails. Here are some easy steps on how to send a document in PDF format via email.

  • Save PDF files in an easily accessible and visible location. By saving it to an easy-to-find folder on the hard drive, looking for the file while sending can be less time-consuming.
  • Log in to an email application such as Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, or Apple Mail.
  • Go to "Compose or Create new message" and then fill up the headers, including the receiver and subject.
  • Enter your message in the body just like making a conventional email.
  • Click the "Attach file" option to send a PDF file, locate the file, and double click it or click "Open."
  • After attaching the file or files, clicking "Send" can wrap up the process.
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