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It is no surprise that we all have PDF format files on our computer, on email, or on our phones. And we all know the importance of PDF file formats that serve a lot of purposes for all of us. We can send official, personal data, content and even can share confidential and sensitive information without any hassle. This is because PDF is a versatile format that allows security by setting the passwords. PDF users often chose to set a password for PDF file for security reasons. You can easily set the password for the PDF file using PDFelement Pro. So users, who have the password, can view the contents of the file you shared.

How to Set a Password for PDF File

PDFelement is a PDF software, one-stop for all PDF editing needs. With its extensive set of features, you can do plenty of things on PDF files. It stands out from individual to enterprise-level PDF needs, thanks to its advanced features. With full PDF document editing, you can edit the text, images of the file and convert, annotation, share, protect, and compress a file. And not to miss out PDFelements provides an excellent ORC engine that supports more than 25 languages. Having said, let’s see how to set a password for a PDF file.

Follow this below guide where we will guide you on how to set a password for a PDF file using PDFelement and start securing PDFs with passwords in no time.

Step 1: Open PDF file

Download and install PDFelement, after installing PDFelement, launch it. On the home window, click the 'Open file' icon to feature the file into the PDFelement interface. Choose the PDF file that you simply want to set a password for and press the 'Open' button. Wait till PDFelement finishes uploading the PDF file to the interface.

how to set password for pdf file

Step 2: Put a Password on PDF

Once the PDF file is uploaded, go to the main toolbar and select the 'Protect' tab. From the sub-menu of Protect Tab, click the 'Set Password' option. You will be prompted to pick your security settings: PDFelement allows two sorts of protection: 'Open Password' and 'Permission Password'.

Open Password is to prohibit a user from opening and reading a file and Permission Password is to set a limit on how users can edit or use a file like allowing the user to insert, delete, fill a form, comment, and print or add signatures, etc.

how to set password for pdf file

Step 3: Set open password for PDF

To set the open password, check the 'Open Password' checkbox. The 'Open Password' field should immediately become active. Type your password within the Entering Password box. After setting an open password for PDF, you will then be prompted to enter a Password to open the password-protected PDF file.

how to set password for pdf file

Step 4: Set permission password to PDF

You can protect your PDF by a permission password. Permission password will help you to restrict the way people can use the PDF file. Protect the file by setting Print Permission and Change Permissions and limit activities like printing, commenting, form filling, insertion or deleting, etc.

To set the permission password for a PDF, check the 'Permission Password' checkbox to enable the 'Password Permission', 'Print Permission' and 'Changes Permission' fields. Enter your permission password and select the specified print and changes permissions restriction options from the dropdown. Once the permissions password is set, it allows certain features like print, comment, add, etc. to the user and the rest will be restricted as per the permission setting done.

how to set password for pdf

Step 5: Save PDF with Password

When you are done with your password settings, you must click 'Save' to allow the program to apply the new open and permission password to the PDF file.

how to set password for pdf

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