How to Add Image to PDF on Mac (macOS 10.15 included)

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At times, you may need to insert images into a PDF file. You can try using Mac Preview, but it comes with limitations. Luckily, this article covers how to add image to PDF on Mac with PDFelement Pro. We’ll also cover how to combine multiple images into one PDF file. Let’s get started!

Part 1. The Easiest Way to Add Image to PDF on Mac (macOS 10.15 included)

Follow the below steps to insert an image into a PDF document. Windows users can download PDFelement Pro and follow the same steps as well, while PDFelement also has Windows version.

Step 1. Download and Launch PDFelement Pro

Step 2. Open PDF a PDF File

Click 'Open File' and select your PDF document

open pdf

Step 3. Insert Image into PDF on Mac

Click the 'Image' tab > 'Add Image'. Then click anywhere on your PDF file and select the image from your local folder to insert it to the PDF file.

add images to pdf

Step 4. Edit Images in PDF File

After adding images to your PDF file, you can edit and modify the images as needed. Click on the image to open the image editing control panel. From here, you can rotate, replace, extract, and crop images.

edit images in pdf

Part 2. How to Add Image to PDF on Mac using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a PDF editor, viewer and creator. It is considered a leading industry standard software that can efficiently add images to PDF. It also allows for editing and managing PDF documents, extracting PDF data, and more. If you are wondering how to add an image to PDF, luckily it is quite easy with Adobe Acrobat. Just follow the steps below to get started inserting an image into PDF.

Step 1. Launch Adobe Acrobat DC

Click 'Edit PDF' on the start-up page

add image to pdf in adobe

Step 2. Open a PDF File

Click 'Select a File' and navigate to your PDF file and open it

add image to pdf

Step 3. Add Your Image to PDF on Mac

Click 'Add Image' and navigate to the image file you need to place

add image to pdf file

Step 4. Place the Image

Click where you want to place your image.

add image to a pdf

Part 3. How to Insert Images into PDF on Mac using Preview

Preview is the default software on Mac systems for viewing images and PDF documents. The software also has some functions for editing PDFs or images. It can encrypt, crop, fit, and re-size PDFs. It also lets you control brightness and contrast of images or add images to a PDF on Mac. To add an image to PDF on Mac using Preview, you need to convert the PDF files to PNG first, and then paste the image onto this PNG file.

Step 1. Launch Preview and Open a PDF

preview insert image to pdf

Step 2. Convert the PDF to PNG

Go to Path: 'File' > 'Export' > Choose 'PNG' as the output format and save it.

preview insert image to pdf

Step 3. Insert Image to PDF

  • Open the image you want to add through Preview and press 'command' + 'C'
  • Open the PNG file and press 'press 'command' + 'V''

Now you've simply pasted image to the converted PDF on Preview. Finally, adjust the image size as you need.

insert image to pdf

Part 4. How to Add Image to PDF Online for Free

You can also use online programs to add an image to a PDF document. Hipdf is an online tool that will help you do this with ease. This method is quite easy and is suitable for those not wishing to download a software, or if users only need to add images to their PDF on a one-time basis. Use the online tool PDF Filler to add an image to your PDF easily for free.

Step 1. Visit Hipdf

Visit '' and click the 'Edit' menu.


Step 2. Upload Your PDF

Click 'Choose File' and upload your PDF

add image to pdf online

Now your file has been imported.

add image to pdf with pdffiller

Step 3. Add Image to PDF

Click 'Add Image'. You can adjust the size as you need.

add image to pdf online for free

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