A Mine of Editing Options

PDFelement Pro bestows you full control over your PDF files. You can conduct everything from simple tasks like inserting, deleting, rotating, cropping, splitting, extracting to adding watermarks, background changing and freely using them inside of your document.

Text editing options have been optimized turning your working environment inside the application into an actual professional text editor minus the well-known hassles. Join, move, link or split blocks of text to achieve more advanced text editing capabilities. No need worry about the layout.

Unleash the Strength of Conversion

Create your PDF document from scratch and convert it into the desired format if needs be. Stating to write a new page of a document is easier than one may think. The new start up page puts the required shortcuts right before your face. Click, write, save and convert! Four laws of PDFelement Pro's nature!

You have almost all business formats in the market at your disposal to choose from: Word, Excel, PPT, image, text, even EPUB and HTML and more. PDFelement Pro brings you the joy of speedy conversion and excellent file compression rates.

Bring Your PDF Documents to Life

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition which is a technology to recognize the bits of a scanned document as bits of text rather image thus allowing the machine to analyze the file as a text file.

PDFelement Pro uses this advanced technology to help you bring your scanned PDF documents into life and digitalize them allowing the users to copy, edit and convert the image-based files. It is released as a plugin that should be purchased from our store. It works pretty fast and also supports dozens of new OCR recognition languages.

Put Magic into Your PDF Forms

Nowadays, office workflow simply means going through the burden of filling out dozens of forms and other fillable documents. PDFelement Pro can help alleviate the pain! You can sit behind your computer desks or hold cell phone in your hands and easily fill out PDF forms.

This program opens the door to an extensive set of tools which help you to make forms that are easily filled using any standard document viewing application or web browser. The final form is highly optimized for faster rendering inside of any standard document viewing application.

Let Your Markups Sparkle

Employing the fabulous interface of PDFelement Pro you can insert important comments, highlight major lines, and draw shapes and lines which make your page more descriptive.

  • The "Comment" feature allows you to make a place into which you can insert your text comments and sticky note.
  • There is also a decent set of markup drawing tools prepared for the users including squares, circles, etc.
  • You can highlight the text using the “Text Highlight” and "Area Highlight" button.

Put Your Files into a Safe Zone

PDFelement Pro takes the security of your PDF documents extremely seriously. The "Protect" tab in the interface speaks of itself pretty clearly. You can protect your document with a full password or simply protect some functions inside of your documents. The “Redaction” feature allows you to redact PDF texts and images to protect your sensitive information.

Moreover, you get to digitally sign your document and set multiple passwords for your document. This application offers consolidated encryption to guarantee the maximum protection of your documents. Your PDFs remain just safe with PDFelement Pro.

Let Your PDFs Fly with Just One Click

Sharing PDF is vital and PDFelement Pro knows that. Your sharing armory includes Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and direct Email. You can send your documents through any of the above options incredibly fast and with maximum protection.

All you have to do is to enter your accounts' specifications of any of the named services. In addition, from the application you can also easily print your PDF with customized options.

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Edit PDF

Easily edit PDF texts, images, pages and more. Markup and comment PDF with diversified tools.

Convert PDF

Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, Pages, EPUB, RTF, HTML, images, etc.

Create PDF

Create PDF from Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, images, Webpages, and text files.

Combine and Split (Windows Only)

Merge an array of PDF files into a single PDF or Split a large PDF into small ones.

PDF Form

Fill out PDF forms and create PDF form from templates.

Secure PDF

Encrypt PDF with password and add watermark to PDF.

Yes, and batch watermark and add passwords to PDFs

Redact PDF

Redact PDF to remove sensitive texts, images and pages from PDF documents.

Bates Numbering

Apply unique labels to PDF pages for easy organization and indexing.


Edit and convert scanned PDF. Batch OCR of multiple scanned PDF files.

New UI

Completely re-designed user interface with improved user experiences.

Improved Edit Functions

Improved editing with improved compatibility and accuracy.

Data Extraction (Windows only)

Data extraction from form fields and extraction from scanned PDFs. And form field auto-recognition.

Batch Processing

Batch convert, watermark, add bates numbering to PDF files.

Our customers love us as much as we love them.


"PDFelement Pro is of great importance since it not only allows you to edit, create but also convert PDF files to other editable formats. Moreover, this software comes with OCR technology that can help you easily turn scanned PDF into searchable and editable files."


"PDFelement Pro comes with number editing tools that make it a one-stop shop to do all your PDF editing such as adding texts, watermarks annotations, text box and much more. Its upgraded user interface is very easy to use and friendly even to beginners."

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