Top 15 PDF Annotator Software to Annotate Your PDF Files

PDF annotation feature makes it easy for business men, workers, and students to highlight and edit important ideas or articles on a PDF document while some users are able to write comments on a PDF page without damaging the layout. The increasing use of PDF has attracted many developers which, in turn, give users a wider array of choices when it comes to PDF annotator. This article will review 5 PDF annotating software including PDFelement Pro, which enables you to easily annotate PDF files.

Part 1. Top 5 PDF Annotator Software

1. PDFelement Pro

A top of the line PDF editor, PDFelement Pro also works as an excellent PDF annotator for PDF documents. Editing PDF also works in an Office Word implementation, which makes it even easier for those who are more familiar with Microsoft Office programs. Another amazing feature of the program is its ability to import, export and convert Office files to PDF files, making it truly universal. The editor is also lightweight yet feature-packed, focusing on performance that users can trust instead of add on or extra features that users might not need.

pdfelement 6 for mac

Why Choose This PDF Annotator:

  • Annotate PDF files with sticky note, text box, and free handdrawing.
  • Mark up PDF documents by adding highlight, underline, or strikethrough.
  • Edit PDF texts, links, images, pages as easey as working on Word files.
  • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, images, and vice versa.
  • Easily fill out PDF form and extract data from PDF forms in 1 click.
  • OCR scanned PDF and allow you to combine, split and compress PDF files.

2. PDF Annotator

A simple yet helpful annotator for PDF documents, PDF annotator allows users to highlight, underline or make notes and drawings on a PDF page. One great feature of the softwar is restoring the document to its original page in one click, effectively removing the annotations without damaging the file or its layout.

PDF Annotator

3. Note Anytime/MetaMoji Note

On top of being an effective annotation tool, Note Anytime or MetaMoji Note integrates other features that make PDF editing possible to a whole new level. Its interactive browser also captures and marks up websites within the app and allows users to share their works to anybody through the internet.

Note Anytime/MetaMoji Note

4. PDFNotes

PDFNotes works as a good PDF annotator for iOS devices. The app lets users take notes, comment, print, manage and even add bookmarks on a PDF page.

pdfelement 6 for mac

5. PDF Max

Annotating and commenting a PDF document on a mobile computing device is undoubtedly easy. That is exactly what users on the go and up for. PDF max knows this and with a cross-platform program that support major mobile OS, PDF Max is able to focus on mobile users.

pdfelement 6 for mac

Part 2. Top 5 PDF Annotator Free Software

1. Expert PDF Reader

Sticky notes, text highlighting and strikethrough are some of the features which are added to this program. The basic annotation is what this program so with ease. There are number of social media platforms which are added to this program and this makes it very usable. The PDF bookmarking and comment addition is also very easy using this program. It also has number of tools which can be used to easily create separate set of PDF annotations. The best part is that the annotations can easily be reviewed before they are added.

pdfelement 6 for mac

2. PDF X Change Viewer

This program is the best for those who are use word for office related work. The interface is same therefore the MS Office users will find it very easy. There are many annotation tools which are added to the program. It includes highlight, strikethrough, note, sticky notes and drawing tools. It makes sure that the best view of PDF is provided and the screen optimization is also available. Link tools, arrows and shape tools are there to further manipulate the file. It is also regarded as one of the handiest PDF annotators found online.

pdfelement 6 for mac

3. Nitro Reader

Though it is not rich in functionalities but still it has proven to work in the best manner. There is a limit of tools which are available. This tool is not recommended to the users who are after advance annotation. The bookmarks, already added annotations and social media sharing is also possible. Standard annotation can be performed and it also makes sure that the PDF s handled professionally. This reader resembles MS Word a lot and therefore the use is very easy. The PDF files can also be converted to text and vice versa.

pdfelement 6 for mac

4. Adobe Acrobat Reader

There are many programs which have been developed over the course of time but none matches the level of adobe acrobat reader. This is a system based program which is completely free to download and install. There is a wide range of PDF annotation tools which can be used easily. From adding notes to rotating the entire file this program has it all. The signatures can be added and the modified PDF can be stored to the system. It also allows the users to easily print the documents.

pdfelement 6 for mac

5. Foxit Reader

This is another free PDF annotator which has all the functions which a user can think of. It includes type writer, note highlighter, strikethrough, double strikethrough, underline and pencil. The program is easily to run and therefore requires no additional help. The interface is too easy to follow and therefore it is rated high. Digital stamp, scale and area highlighter are some of the other functions which are added to the program. The annotations can easily be printed separately. The program also detects and sends print easily. Social media sharing has also been embedded.

pdfelement 6 for mac

Part 3. Top 5 PDF Annotator Online Tools

1. PDF Online Reader Beta

This annotator even requires no account creation and can be used directly. The file can simply be added by pressing Upload a PDF button. The annotations of advance level can be added without any problem. The PDF can even be manipulated in different ways. It includes signature, stamp, notes and sticky notes. The PDF area can easily be rotated as well. The social media platforms which are integrated make sure that the file is directly shared without a computer save.

pdfelement 6 for mac

2. FlowPaper

This online PDF annotator lets your collaborate within your PDF documents using a webpage. Add notes, highlight text and draw figures in your PDF documents and share the annotations among your colleagues.

pdfelement 6 for mac

3. PDF Escaper

This app requires a signup before it is used. The overall usage of this app is simple and therefore requires no technicalities. The overall use of PDF app is very easy and the left panel has it all. It also allows the users to overcome the errors which other online PDF readers present. There are certain documents which require PDF reader for viewing. PDF Escape makes sure that all such documents are opened with ease. It can be regarded as the best alternative of adobe acrobat reader. The basic idea of creation of this program is to increase class collaboration between teachers and students. There are tools embedded to creation of fresh PDF files.

pdfelement 6 for mac

4. A.nnotate

It is one of the online tools which are very easy to use. The basic annotation tools are there to make sure that the user gets the best results. The format support is awesome. This online PDF annotator ensures that PDF, DOCX, PPTX, ODT,ODP,TXT and RTF are uploaded with ease. The developers of this tool are constantly working on adding new format support. The wide range of PDF annotation tool further makes this program as one of the best one to work with.

pdfelement 6 for mac

5. Axiom

The PDF documents can easily be annotated with this program. It also provides tools to make sure that the PDF files are organized in the best manner. From sticky notes to comments and from bookmarks to label highlighter this program offers a wide range of tools. Unlimited annotations can be added with this site. The system of this website is centralized which means that many people simultaneously add annotations to the same document.

pdfelement 6 for mac

Part 4. Comparison of Top 3 PDF Annotators

PDFelement Pro
PDF Annotator
Note Anytime/MetaMoji Note
  • USD 59.95 for Standard version
  • USD 99.95 for Pro version
USD 17.47 per user per year
  • Free to download on Android with in-app purchases ranging from USD 0.99 to USD 4.22 per item
  • USD 11.99 for Windows
  • USD 7.99 for iOS
Supported Versions
  • Mac OSX 10.10 and Up
  • Windows XP , Vista, 7, 8 and 10
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1
  • Android version 4.0 and up
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1
  • iOS version 5.0 and up
Annotation Feature Excellent Excellent Excellent
User Interface Simple and intuitive which is easy for users to familiarize Easy to use Sleek and interactive
Undo Function Present and fully functional giving users full control with what to delete Present and fully functional Feature is present
  • Office like implementation makes it easy for Office users
  • Ability to support and convert to any other Office format
  • Convert and edit scanned files (OCR feature required) allowing users to edit those files that were scanned
  • Supports Password protection to keep the document from unwanted and unauthorized changes
  • Align annotation function available for an easy to view and organized layout
  • Add stamps including date stamps, customized stamps are also available with virtually limitless option
  • Add images to an existing PDF file
  • Group and lock annotation
  • Take a snapshot of the work you are doing
  • Supports voice function
  • Supports password protection for added security especially for important documents
  • Cloud auto sync feature
  • Share works on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler
  • Interactive web browser feature
  • Free trial will add watermatk to PDF
  • Could not handle large PDF files without sacrificing performance, making it impossible to edit and annotate files with several pages like eBooks
  • App is just specialized for annotation purpose
  • App saves the exported file in a proprietary format which is not compatible with other PDF editor software, limiting the users and viewers to those who purchases the app

Thanks to PDF annotators, studying is easier done digitally by students while professionals get to annotate PDF documents so that commenting on and editing articles do not become a hassle. The digital age has never failed to provide us with several innovations not just for the sake of entertainment but also for work productivity. With a number of programs to choose from, it is best to choose the one which is packed with important and useful features which gives value to what you are paying, the kind that gives you exactly what you need and not the app that just has a lot of extra features but lacks basic yet important features that allows seamless collaboration among colleagues ensuring utmost productivity.

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