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How to Edit PDF Pages

1Crop PDF Page

Under the "Edit" menu, click on the "Crop" button, you will have the crop box on the page and the crop control panel on the right side of the program interface. And you can drag the crop box to the size you want and start cropping PDF page. In the crop control panel, you can customize the size and page range, and then click the "Crop" button to crop the PDF.
Crop PDF Page

2Rotate PDF Page

If you need to rotate the PDF page to the correct degree, you can click the "Page" menu and click on the "Rotate" button to select the rotation degree, and then click "Rotate" to change the PDF page direction.
Rotate PDF Page

3Delete PDF Page

To delete unwanted PDF page, click on "Page" > "Delete", and select the page you want to remove, and then click on the "Delete" button to delete the PDF page.
Delete PDF Page

4Insert Page to PDF

iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Mac allows you to insert pages to PDF. You can insert from file or insert a blank page. To do so, click "Page" > "Insert", and select the way and position you want to insert pages.
Insert Page to PDF

5Replace PDF Page

There might be times you need to replace your PDF pages with another PDF files. If so, click "Page" > "Replace", and set the original page range and replacement page range, and click on the "Replace" to process the PDF pages replacement.
Replace PDF Page

6Extract PDF Page

You can extract specific PDF pages for other use. To do so, go to "Page" > "Extract", and select the pages and choose to extract the pages to one file or to separate files.
Extract PDF Page

7Split PDF Page

You can split PDF to multiple PDF files with iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Mac. Go to "Page" > "Split", and choose to split PDF by number of pages or by top-level bookmarks, and then click "Split" and select a destination to save the split PDF files. When finished, you can check the files in your local folder.
Split PDF Page

8Add Page Labels

If you want to combine different page numbering shemes within one PDF document, or your PDF document has specific chapter numbers, you can use the feature "Page Label " in iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional. To do this, go to "Page" > "Page Labels". You can set the page range, the number style and prefix on the right side of the main interface. Then you can click on "OK" button to label pages with meaningful descriptions.
Add Page Labels

9Page Boxes

When you want to print you PDF file for publishing or for other usage, but find that the size of your PDF is not the most suitable one, then you can apply "Page Boxes" to resize your PDF files. You can click on the "Page Boxes" under the "Page" menu. Then you can choose the CropBox, ArtBox, TrimBox and BleedBox as your needs.
CropBox defines the visible area of a PDF file. It is usually used for screen display and printing.
ArtBox defines a page's meaningful content area. It was added to indicate the area covered by the artwork of the page.
TrimBox is very important, as it defines the actual page size that can be printed. The TrimBox equals the CropBox by default.
BleedBox is the size that defines the edge of a page. You will be allowed to define the amount of bleed yourself. The BleedBox is 3-5 millimeters larger than TrimBox.

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