How to Compare PDF Files Online

This article gives you a clear guide on how to compare PDF files online and on a desktop.

There are many reasons people compare PDF files online. Whether it is because of its simplicity or no installation requirements, knowing how to compare PDFs online is useful. While this is the case, many people are in the dark regarding how to compare two PDF files online. Fortunately, this article takes you through a step-by-step guide on how to compare PDF files online with ease.

How to Compare Two PDF Files Online

Draftable is another great platform to compare two PDFs or Word files. This program is designed to make comparing files much easier and more private. It comes with Draftable API, a powerful comparison technology that takes file comparison to another level. You can view the results in the side-by-side view or single-page view. The former enables you to track the changes in seconds as you scroll the document. The latter gives you all the changes in a single view. It also provides a change list. Here, you click on a target change within the list, and you will be taken to that point in the document.

Method 1. How to Compare PDFs with Draftable

The following steps illustrate how to compare two PDF files online with the Draftable.

Step 1. Visit the draftable file comparison page using your browser.

Step 2. Click the “Choose file” on the left to upload the base file. Repeat the same on the right to upload the new PDF file.

Step 3. Click “Compare,” and the differences will be displayed in seconds. Deletions are marked with red color, while insertions are marked with blue color. Scroll down to see the differences.

compare pdf online

Method 2. How to Compare Two PDF Files online using PDF24

PDF24 is a popular online PDF tool that allows users to compare two PDF files and easily see the differences. This program works with all major operating systems, and there is no special requirement to compare your PDF files. The files to be compared should not necessarily be in PDF form. The program automatically converts them to PDF, and hence you don’t have to worry about the types of files you want to compare. Again, this platform offers good security. Your files will not be stored for longer than necessary. Once you are done with the files, they will be removed after a short time.

Comparing two PDF files online using PDF24 is not a complicated process. You only need a browser and internet connection. The steps are illustrated below.

Step 1. Using your browser, navigate to PDF24 compare PDF files page.

Step 2. Click the “Choose file” button under the “First file” section and upload the base/original file. Do the same in the “Second file” section to upload the new file you want to compare with the old one.

Step 3. With the two PDF files now uploaded, hit the “Compare” button to trigger the comparison process. Within a few seconds, the results are ready. The deletions will be marked in red while the modifications in green. Scroll down to see more differences.

compare pdf online

The Differences between Draftable, PDF24, and PDFelement

While Draftable, PDF24, and PDFelement are tools to compare two PDF files, they have different capabilities. Before choosing the right tool to compare your PDF files, it is important to understand them. The differences between these tools are tabulated below.

PDFelement Pro
Device It works across Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Web, Windows 7+ Web, Windows
Interface It has an intuitive interface. The icons are clear and elaborate, hence easy to use. It is simple. Not very attractive. Some icons are not placed in good positions. However, it’s not complicated to use. It has a simple interface. Most icons are easy to spot. However, the comparison interface is not that appealing.
Accuracy It is super accurate. It senses even small changes. Some users complain that it doesn’t sense all changes. Good accuracy, but small changes are sometimes missed.
Price It offers a free trial version. The premium version is affordable, considering the immense features. The trial version is limited, while the premium version at $129 per year is pricey considering the thin features. The premium version is still pricey.
Features It has several features ranging from basic to advanced. It is largely a file comparison tool and hence limited in terms of features. Besides file comparison, PDF24 is equipped with other PDF features. However, most of them are not advanced.

How to Compare Two PDF Files on Desktop

PDFelement Pro is a powerful all-in-one PDF solution leveraged by myriads of people, organizations, and institutions. PDFelement is equipped with virtually all the features you require from a top-notch PDF tool. Therefore, you don’t need a third-party tool to complete your PDF tasks. This program has an elegant interface and straightforward process, and thus, newbies will find it easy to navigate. The amazing speed, compatibility, and affordability are other reasons that make PDFelement an indispensable PDF tool. With PDFelement, users can easily create, convert, edit, annotate, protect, compress, compare, perform OCR, share, and print PDF.

This part discusses how you can compare two PDF files on a desktop using PDFelement, as illustrated below.

Step 1Open PDF File

To begin with, launch PDFelement on your computer, then click the “Compare PDF” tab.

compare pdf files online

Upon clicking, the “File Comparison” window shall pop up. Here, you are supposed to upload two files to compare, namely old and new files. Click the “Select File” on the “Old File” side and follow the screen instructions to upload the base/original file. Repeat the same on the “New File” side to upload your new PDF file. When the two PDF files are successfully loaded, click the “Compare” button to start comparing the files.

compare two pdf files online
Step 2Compare PDFs

The program will display the two files side by side with content changes marked in different colors. You will see the changes lists comprising deletions, insertions, and modifications on the left window pane. By default, red, blue, and green colors represent deletions, insertions, and modifications.

pdf compare free
Step 3Compare PDFs Changes

Now start comparing the contents by moving across the changes. To move to the previous or next change, simply click the “Previous Change” or “Next Change,” respectively. Again, you can filter your selections or show only what you want to see in the “Filter” and “Show” sections.

pdf compare tool free

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