How to Turn PowerPoint File into PDF File

This article provides you three methods to change PowerPoint to PDF, read this article and find out which method do you prefer?

How to Turn PowerPoint File into PDF File

If you want to change ppt to PDF file instantly in no time and want to use the PDF software having features such as editing, annotating, printing, OCR, creating and converting PDF features, then keep on reading this article from start to finish so that you won't miss any step to know how to change PowerPoint into PDF easily as well as effectively by using PDFelement software.

Method 1. Change PPT to PDF with PDFelement

There are plenty of websites as well as tools online to change ppt to PDF, but nothing beats the PDFelement software as other than changing ppt to PDF this software has other useful features as well including annotating, editing as well as print and OCR.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to convert your PowerPointnt file into a PDF file:

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Step 1 Choose a PPT file from a local folder

The first step to change ppt to PDF is to select a PPT file from a local folder on your computer or you can also drag and drop the file into the PDFelement software. By utilizing PDFelement software, you have also the option to upload PowerPoint files you desire to change to PDF from a cloud storage service platform such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

change ppt to pdf
Step 2 Change PPT to PDF

After choosing the file you want to convert to PDF format, you can turn PowerPoint into PDF like a Word document by using PDFelement software. If you want to convert a PPT file with multiple slides into a PDF, then PDFelement software is going to turn each slide into an individual PDF page in the converted file.

turn excel into pdf
Step 3 Edit PDF (optional)

You can edit your PDF files easily by using the PDFelement as it simplifies PDF editing. Moreover, you can also modify watermarks, images, links, headers and footers, pages, backgrounds, and much more.

change powerpoint to pdf
Step 4 Save a Converted PDF File

After all the things are done in the process of converting a PPT file to a PDF file, this is the time to save your converted PDF file. You can choose any location you want to choose to save your converted PDF file to your computer and this is as simple.

turn pdf into powerpoint

Method 2. Change PPT to PDF Online

For the rapid conversion of PowerPoint files to PDF, use HiPDF as it works as converting any PPT file into a PDF file in a matter of seconds. Its high-quality API helps you to convert as well as transform numerous formats immediately.

Step 1. Go to HiPDF homepage and search for "PPT to PDF".

Step 2. Click the "CHOOSE FILE" to choose a PowerPoint file from your local folder. You can also choose a PPT from Dropbox, OneDrive or Box.

Step 3. After Uploading PowerPoint file, you will see a "CONVERT" button, click the "CONVERT" button then the PPT file will be converted to PDF in seconds.

Step 4. Click the "DOWNLOAD" button to download and save your converted file in local folder.

turn powerpoint into pdf

Method 3. Change PPT to PDF in PowerPoint Directly

To change the PPT file into a PDF file is as simple as accessing the standard Save As file menu. Follow these two easy steps to change the PPT file into a PDF file for easy sharing.

Step 1. To convert a PPT file into a PDF file you need to first select the PPT file which you want to convert. You can also upload the PPT file you want to turn into a PDF file just by dragging it from the folder and dropping it by using the upload option.

Step 2. After uploading or selecting the PPT file you want to convert, then you have to select the "Save As" button and then choose the location as well as a name for the file and after this choose the File Format down arrow and choose PDF. In the last, all you need to do is to choose "Save" to turn the PowerPoint file into a PDF file.

how to change powerpoint to pdf

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