How to Merge PPT to PDF with PDFelement

After going through this article, merging PPT to PDF will be easier than ever.

PPT slides are the traditional way of presenting your work. However, you might need to share your PPT files or seamlessly edit them as a single file. In this case, merging your PPT files to PDF is the best bet. PDF files offer more advantages as they are easy to edit and share. If you want to merge PPT to PDF, you need a proper tool. Many tools are claiming to offer an unmatchable way to combine PPT to PDF. However, most of them are exaggerated and will bombard you with under-par experience. To avoid getting caught in a tricky situation, you need the right tool. Fortunately, this article clears the confusion by giving you a detailed guide on merging PPT to PDF.

How to merge PPT to PDF in Two Methods

PDFelement Pro is a powerful PDF software in the market. This tool has plenty of excellent features to take your user experience to a top-level. It is fast, easy to use, affordable, and compatible with many devices, and supports nearly all file formats. With PDFelement, you can convert, edit, create, annotate, merge, protect, share, print, compress, and perform OCR on your PDF file. PDFelement allows batch conversion, and hence you will save your time and energy. Simply upload multiple files and merge them with a simple click. This program has a free trial version, and you can always upgrade to the premium version to unlock a better experience.

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Method 1. Merge PPT to PDF with PDFelement

Step 1 Combine PDF

First, download and launch PDFelement on your computer. Hit the "Combine PDF" tab when the main interface is displayed.

merge ppt to pdf
Step 2 Add PDF Files

Now the program will display the "Combine PDF" window. Here, hit the "Choose File" button, and you will be directed to the file explorer window. Choose the PPT files you want to merge to PDF and click "Open."

ppt to pdf merge
Step 3 Merge PPT to PDF

When the PDF files are uploaded, you should see them displayed on the "Combine" window. Go to the "Output Folder" section at the bottom left of this window. Choose the desired destination folder and click "Apply" to merge PPT to PDF.

ppt to pdf merge

Method 2. Merge PPT to PDF With PDFelement in Another Way

PDFelement is not short of options. It provides another easy way to merge PPT to PDF. We use the right-click option instead of going directly to the PDFelement interface, as explained below.

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit, 32-bit)

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Step 1 Right-click PPT Files

To begin with, locate the folder where the target PPT file is located. Identify the PPT file and right-click it. From the options displayed, choose the "Combine to PDF."

combine ppt to pdf,
Step 2 Merge PPT to PDF

The program will immediately begin merging your PPT files to PDF. You can see the progress in the background. When the processing is 100% completed, your new PDF loads on the PDFelement window. Now that your PPT is merged to PDF, you need to save your new file so that the changes are not discarded. To save your new PDF file, navigate to File>Save. Your PPT file is now merged to PDF.

ppt merge to pdf

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit, 32-bit)

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