How to Convert Webpage to PDF in Chrome

We have given you a detailed overview of converting a web page to PDF using DFelement. Furthermore, we have also discussed the conversion process in Chrome and Firefox.

Do you ever look at a webpage that you wish to save on your computer for later use? Are you unable to save that webpage as PDF? Well, worry not! We have just the thing for you! This article will go into proper detail about how you can convert a web page into a PDF file. For the purpose of this article, we will use PDFelement to help us through the process. We will also look into how you can convert web pages to PDF in Chrome and Firefox.

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Part 1. Convert Webpage to PDF using PDFelement

PDFelement is an all-in-one PDF software. It is the ultimate PDF solution with unique features that help you fulfill your requirements quickly. Some of the amazing features that PDFelement provides include editing, annotation, printing, OCR, and creating and conversion of PDF. Furthermore, it also has a very clean and intuitive user interface, making its use easy.

How to Save Webpage as PDF in Chrome using PDFelement

Step 1 Open HTML file in Chrome

Go to the HTML file you wish to convert and open in Chrome.

Step 2 Go to Settings

On the browser's top right corner, you will see three dots. Click on them to open the dropdown settings menu. Then, click on “Print…” to open further print settings.

convert chrome html to pdf
Step 3 Set PDFelement as Printer

In the Printer Settings, select "Wondershare PDFelement" as the printer and click on "Print."

convert chrome html to pdf
Step 4 Save File as PDF

Your file will automatically open in PDFelement, where you can save the file to your computer. You can also use the different features mentioned above to make any changes you want.

Part 2. Save Webpage as PDF with Chrome Extension

Apart from using PDFelement, you can also use Chrome Extensions to save a webpage as a PDF. Follow these three easy steps to do so.

Step 1 Choose an Extension

Go to Google and search for a Chrome extension. Alternatively, here is the link for an effective Chrome extension that you can use.

Step 2 Click on “Add to Chrome”

Once you go to the link, click on “Add to Chrome” written in front of the extension name.

Step 3 Save Webpage as PDF in Chrome Extension

Wait for the processing to complete. The extension will be added to Chrome, and you can use it to convert any webpage to PDF with just one click.

convert chrome html to pdf

Part 3. Save Webpage as PDF in Firefox

Other than Chrome, you can also use firefox to convert a webpage into PDF. Follow these four easy steps to do so.

Step 1 Open the Browser

Open Mozilla Firefox and find the page you want to save as a PDF. .

Step 2 Go to Settings

Three dots will be given on the top right corner of the browser. Click on them to open Settings.

Step 3 Go to Print Settings

From the Settings, click on “Print.” In the Print settings, set “Microsoft Print to PDF” as the Printer.

Step 4 Save Page as PDF in Firefox

Then click on "Print," and your webpage will be saved as a PDF.

convert chrome html to pdf

Converting a webpage into a PDF file is an extreme task for which we have given you three different options: Wondershare PDFelement, Chrome Extensions, and Mozilla Firefox. The choice is yours, use whichever suits you!

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