How to Convert XLS to PDF

This article gives you everything you need to know about converting XLS files to PDF.

PDF files have immense benefits. If you already used Excel files and need a better way to read, present, or share files, then you should convert your XLS to PDF. While this is true, plenty of people are still caught in the dark on how to do XLS to PDF conversion. Well, there are several good tools to convert XLS to PDF. However, finding the right can prove a tricky task. In this article, we take you through a clear guide on how to convert XLS to PDF.

Part 1. How to Convert XLS to PDF with PDFelement

PDFelement Pro is a top-rated all-in-one PDF tool used by millions of people, organizations, and institutions for diverse PDF tasks. It is a versatile tool and can handle every type of PDF task. With PDFelement, you can convert, edit, annotate, create, compress, print, Protect, perform OCR, and share PDF files with ease and speed. The good thing with PDFelement is that it has a collection of features ranging from basic to advanced. It also supports a variety of file formats and batch processes.

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Merging Word to PDF is an easy process with PDFelement. There are two ways you can merge Word to PDF with PDFelement. You can either use the right-clicking or use the “Create PDF” tab on the main window. Depending on your preference, you can choose between these two options.

Two Methods to Convert XLS to PDF with PDFelement

PDFelement offers a variety of ways to convert XLS to PDF. Some of the methods include:

Method 1. Convert XLS to PDF from Home Window

In this method, we convert XLS to PDF using the “Create PDF” option on the PDFelement window. The steps are described below.

Step 1Open XLS File in PDFelement

Open PDFelement on your device to access the primary window. Locate and click the “Create PDF” tab. This should lead you to the file explorer window. Browse for the target XLS file, select it, and click “Open” to upload.

convert xls to pdf
Step 2Convert XLS File to PDF File

Now, the program will immediately start converting your Excel file to PDF. Monitor the process in the background. When the conversion is done, PDFelement will display the file on the PDFelement interface. All you need to do now is to save your PDF file. Just go to the “File” section, then choose “Save.”

convert xls to pdf

Method 2. Right-click XLS File and Convert to PDF File

In this method, we convert XLS to PDF by right-clicking the target Excel file. The following steps show how to convert XLS to PDF via the right-click method.

Step 1Right-click XLS File

Navigate to the folder that houses your target XLS file. Right-click the XLS file, then choose “Create to PDF.”

convert xls to pdf
Step 2Convert XLS File to PDF File

The program will immediately convert your XLS to PDF. When the conversion is completed, your new PDF is displayed on the PDFelement interface. Now go to "File" > "Save" to save your new file.

convert xls to pdf

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit, 32-bit)

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Part 2. Convert XLS File to PDF Online

Zamzar is a good PDF online tool that allows users to convert files formats to and from PDF files. This program has been around since 2006 and has successfully converted millions of files. Some of the file formats supported include Word, image, Excel, PowerPoint, audio, and video files. It supports over 1200 file formats and several other PDF functions. If you want to convert your Excel to PDF, then Zamzar is a great online converter. This program has a straightforward interface. The steps are elaborate and can be followed by anyone. The program gives you three ways to upload your source Excel file.

How to convert XLS to XLS with Zamzar

Step 1. Using your browser, visit Zamzar XLS to the PDF page.

Step 2. On the main page, click the “Add Files” button. Choose the XLS file you want to convert to PDF from the file explorer window, then hit “Open” to upload it. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the target XLS file on the interface.

Step 3. With the XLS file uploaded, the remaining assignment is to click the “Convert Now” button. This button is active when the XLS file uploads.

Step 4. Wait for the conversion to complete. When it is over, you should see the “Download” button. Click this button to fetch your new file to your device.

how to convert xls to pdf

Three Tips on XLS Files

XLS and XLSX file formats are near similar and are often used interchangeably. Although these files fall under Excel files, it is worth noting that they are not exactly the same. The two formats have different characteristics that make them useful in different circumstances. The last x in the XLSX format indicates that this file is compressed. The differences between XLS and XLSX include:

1. XLSX file is three times compressed compared to XLS.

2. XLSX has no macros, while XLS has macros. Therefore, the XLSX file has no virus, while you cannot tell whether the XLS file has a virus.

3. Tables are only available with XLSX files. If you use XLS with tables, the tables will be destroyed and unusable.

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