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OCR – Optical Character Recognition is a recent mechanical translation method which converts images from handwritten text into editable text on your computer. Such as OCR scanned PDF or image-based PDF to native PDF and convert scanned handwriting to text. The technology has been developed in 1933, and it progressed every year. Nowadays, the OCR tools are able to do a great work while converting newspapers, letters, books, and any other printed or handwritten material into computer editable text. The handwriting OCR technology is currently used on a large scale, at the level of accuracy of the transcription is increasing day by day, and it is close to perfection. Nowadays, you can simply take a prescription from written by your doctor and use the OCR technology to decipher it. It is quite a progress!

Part 1. Recommended OCR Handwriting Recognition Software

Finding the best OCR handwriting programs can be a real challenge, especially since there are so many tools available on the internet. No worry! We analyzed the market for you, and here are three of the best OCR handwriting tools:

#1. PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro for Mac (and PDFelement Pro for Windows) is a perfect OCR tool for PDF files. It can automatically recognize scanned PDF and make it editable with built-in editing tools. And it provides several OCR languages. Besides, you can easily edit your PDF text, images, links and other elements. And it lets you to convert the PDF files to other formats.

Key Features of This PDF OCR Tool:

  • Advanced OCR function allows you to convert and edit scanned PDFs easily.
  • Editing PDF text, images,and links is as easier as making changes in Word.
  • Add signature, password, watermarks, signs, free-hand shapes in PDFs with ease.
  • Easy provision of markups and adding annotations, wherever necessary.
  • You can easily create PDFs from a wide range of document formats.
  • You can also convert the PDF file to other formats like Excel, MS Word and more.

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#2. iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro

iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro for Mac (or iSkysoft PDF Converter for Windows) can also be a great helper when it comes to OCR scanned PDF. You can import image-based PDF to the program and enable OCR, and then you are free to convert the PDF to other formats.

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#3. OCR Desktop

This OCR desktop application incorporates artificial intelligence and neural networks, in order to deliver you the best results possible. The cursive writing PDF to text converter has been trained with more than four million font variations, so you can be sure the converted text will be as accurate as it can be. It also includes the latest OCR technology, to solve any type of OCR problems, and it does a pretty good job for handwriting. And if we tell you that the app is free for personal use? However, it is supported by ads, so if you want to get rid of advertisements, you will need to get the registered version.

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#4. SimpleOCR

SimpleOCR is one of the most popular free OCR tools available on the internet. It is pretty simple, but it has all the basic scanning and converting functions – which is everything you need for personal OCR handwriting. However, if you need advanced functions, you can check the paid version of the app.

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#5. TopOCR

TopOCR is bragging they have created the most powerful neural net patter recognition system available on the market, and promises to offer users the best OCR results for digital camera. So if you have a letter you want to digitize, take a picture of it, and let TopOCR to do the entire job. Unfortunately, the app was free some time ago, but nowadays you will have to buy it in order to use it. But they use indeed a sophisticated image processing algorithms, which assure you for great results!

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Part 2. Tips for OCR Handwriting Recognition

Usage of OCR Technology: The OCR technology can be extremely useful for many people: from lawyers and teacher, to managers and librarians, anybody who writes during their jobs, or has to deal with manuscripts, letters and such documents, will find the technology incredible. You can digitize any handwritten document fast and simple, and turn it into editable text that you can work on your computer.

Tips: To use the best of the handwriting OCR, make sure your documents are clear and clean, and use a powerful scanner. But the most important thing is to choose a professional handwriting OCR program that can guarantee for the accuracy of the editable text. If you have decided to use an OCR tool on your computer, you simply need to choose one reliable program available on the internet. You can also try to use online tools, but keep in mind they are quite limited.

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