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How to Create PDF

1Convert Word /Excel/PPT/Image & More to PDF

Easily convert any formats to PDF with iSkysoft PDF Editor, including Word, Excel, PPT, Image & more!
Method 1. Drag and Drop the document to iSkysoft PDF Editor
You can easily convert other format documents to PDF by dragging and dropping to iSkysoft PDF Editor.
convert word to pdf
Method 2. By Clicking "Create PDF" Box
Launch iSkysoft PDF Editor, click on "Create PDF" in the welcome page. Choose a file from local folder and iSkysoft PDF Editor will open it in a new window, click "File">"Save As" button to save it to a local folder.
convert excel to pdf

2 Create PDF from Multiple Files

Sometimes you need merge multiple files to one PDF, with iSkysoft PDF Editor, you can do this without hassle. Here's the step.
Step 1. Open iSkysoft PDF Editor, click on "Combine PDF" in the Welcome page.
combine multiple pdf
Step 2. Drag all the files you want to combine, or add by using the "Add Files" button.
combine pdf files
Step 3. You need to adjust the order of the files you added, moving up or down by using the dragging.
combine pdf documents
Step 4. Finally you can click "Next", and the combined file will be shown in a new window. Click "File">"Save As" button to save it to a local folder.

3 Create Blank PDF Page

If you want to create a new PDF page, click the "File">"New" button. Set the "File Name", "Size" and "Pages" for the new document.
create new pdf

4 Create PDF Using Print Command

Using the Print Command to create a PDF file is quite useful for files open in other applications, such as the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Notepad, Outlook & more. Here we show a Notepad file for example.
Step 1. Open the file in the authoring application. Click on "File">"Print" button.
print pdf
Step 2. Change the Printer and select the iSkysoft PDF Editor as the new printer, click on "Print" to proceed.
convert to pdf by printing
Finally you'll see the file in iSkysoft PDF Editor, click "File">"Save" to save it to a local folder.

5 Create PDF from Scanner

If you want to convert a paper documents to digital form such as PDF format for easier storage, iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional provides you an easy way to create PDF from scanner. To do so, you can click on the “From Scanner” button under “Home” tab. A new window will pop up and you can set the pages, color and paper size as your needs. Then click on “Scan” button to scan documents into PDF.
create pdf from scanner

6 Create PDF from emails

You receive an important email and want to save this E-mail as a PDF file for better storage. iSkysoft will help you to create PDF files from emails easily. You just need to choose the “Print” option in your mail box, not matter it is Outlook or Gmail, and then select “iSkysoft PDF Editor” as the printer. Then iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional will open the email automatic and you just need to click “File”-“Save” to save the email message as PDF format.
create pdf from email
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